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Favorite Shows That Got Cancelled


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The FOX thread got me thinking. What are some of your favorite shows that have been cancelled over the past several years? And by that, I mean that started in 2000 and ended before 2005. I am not really looking forward to long lists of shows from all time, so I would like to see the most recent shows from this time period.

Street Time (Showtime)

Jeremiah (Showtime)

John Doe (FOX)

Fastlane (FOX)

Lucky (FX)

Boomtown (NBC)

Andy Richter Controls the Universe (FOX)

Greg The Bunny (FOX)

3 South (MTV)

Kingpin (NBC, miniseries, but could have been made much longer)

The Mole (ABC)

The Fugitive (CBS)

Grounded For Life (FOX and WB)

Keen Eddie (FOX and Bravo)

Push, Nevada (ABC)

Robbery Homicide Division (CBS)

Touching Evil (USA)

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Off the top of my head my list would be:

-Andy Richter Controls the Universe (FOX)

-Fastlane (FOX)

-Push, Nevada (ABC)

-Boston Public (FOX)


That's all I can think of right now. I really liked Fastlane especially and was very upset to see it go after only one season.

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Off the top of my head just in the last two seasons all of these shows have been cancelled, and is largely why I barely watch TV at all these days.

ABC - Karen Sisco

CBS - The Handler

FOX - Fastlane, Firefly, John Doe, Wanda at Large, Wonderfalls

HBO - Oz (I think it had some life left in it)

MTV - 3 South, Clone High

Showtime - Dead Like Me

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Roswell (although by the third season I kind of agreed with the decision), The $treet, Futurama, Family Guy, Stark Raving Mad, The Mountain, Norm and most recently Dead Like Me (which I'm just now catching on TMN).

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And to a lesser extent, Whose Line

Well, technically, that's back I believe. (at least that's what the commercials say) They've been saying new episodes every Monday. I don't know if that's like...never before seen ones...or if they've started filming again.

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Apparently, a lot of people are not reading my post. I said shows between 2000-2005. Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Two Guys and a Girl, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Miami Vice ... these are all old shows.

Yes, Two Guys and a Girl, and Boy Meets World did end in 2001 and 2000 respectively and Whose Line Is It Anyway? is showing new stuff, but I wanted shows that began its run in 2000, not before then.

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Guest Ringmaster

I could with the stated obvious. There's Firefly, that was completely butt-raped by the monkeys over at FOX that decided to air its episodes in a non-sensical order, but I'm getting a badass movie, so I'm not complaining. . I could go with Wonderfalls, which got little to no advertising and was stuck on the time slot of death, but after reading this, I'm not too sure anymore. There's Clerks, although that would have eventually lost my attention span. There's Popular, which is a guilty pleasure of mine, although it was that awesome.

But, I choose to go with a show very few people have seen, yet it's one of the finest shows I've ever layed eyes upon.

Freaks and Geeks.

Yeah, it began in the fall of 99, so sorry Fitzy, but you're gonna have to count this in.

This is a show that could be laugh out loud funny, had the nostalgia of the 80s and could make you realize how terrible high school was and make you sympathize with the characters. It's also unbelievably well acted. James Franco, Linda Cardellini and company do a terrific job. And the awesomest soundtrack ever for a show.

But the show got the time of death. No, not Friday. Saturday. A show on a Saturday night. That is the single worst time ever. Then, of course, they aired episodes in a non-sensical order.

Then, in 2000, change of heart, they moved it to Mondays. Ratings improved steadily, but bang, NBA took over and the show was gone and was shifting around between Wenesday and Saturdays again. Then it was cancelled.

And to this day. I'm resentful. This show could have been a massive hit, with both the older crowd, for the nostalgia, the teenagers, for its realistic high school depictions, and everyone else, for the humour, the sadness, the acting, the music, for everything.

So, yeah, Freaks and Geeks, hands down, is the one show whose cancellation I resent the most, and I feel the need to get over it by watching the DVD over and over again.

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