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Favourite Cheats?

King Ellis

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So yeah what are your favourite gaming cheats whether it be for the affect or the input of the cheat.

Alien Breed on the Amiga had some cool ones considering I was a kid at the time. "Aliens are benders" and "Katrina has farted and its a beauty" being two of the best. I'm so immature.

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The original GTA had some of the best cheats as far as the names go.

Suckmyrocket, Iamthelaw and plenty that I didn't understand like Itsgallus, Buckfast and Porkcharsui.

The slo-mo effect cheat on the original THPS was great but they made it lame for all the rest of the games since it was only slo mo when you were in the air as opposed to the original where it was constant slo mo, enabling you to easily prepare to do a trick.

edit: Sonic~! Isn't it Up Down Left Right A+B+Start though?

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Level Select, Sonic 2.

Title Screen -> Options -> Play Soundtest tracks:

19, 65, 9, 17

That combination has been burnt into my memory for the past 12 years, and only just now have I discovered its significance of being the birthday (1965/9/17) of programmer (and head of Team Sonic) Yuji Naka. How bizarre.

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Doom's those fuckin' demons....



-------- -------

Also for Metroid: NARPAS SWORD0

000000 000000

Woflinstein 3D:

C:/>WOLF3D>wold3d goobers


And perhaps THE greatest code when I was 8.



Speical thanks to Midge for the correct veresion of the Konami code. I NEW I was doing something wrong on Contra...

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I can't remember which one, but it was the God cheat for an Aliens game.

And I forget the code itself, but the one that allowed you to drive spaceships around, in Die Hard Trilogy. I know, I'm useless :P

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MK1 Blood code, one of the few codes I have memorized, "GET OVER HERE!"

I was going to say that code sounded familiar and then I found my answer... I never owned MK1 but I played it a hell of a lot at my mates houses and won a lot of tournaments.

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The Contra code owns all.

But...I love any code that gives you all the weapons and\or unlimited ammo in FPS games. Because I play FPS games to kick ass, more than anything.

(I don't condone using invulnerability\God mode cheats, though)

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The debug code for Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire which needed about three people to pull off.

It could be done with one ambidexterous and double jointed person.

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Depends. On the consoles, a debug menu is basically just a cheat menu with invicibility et all.

On the PC, however, Debug codes unlock tools with which they used to test the game. Also, there is a debug menu in one of the Final Fantasy games that has really weird hardware tests.

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