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Looking To Rent A Good Comedy


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Here's some:

Some like it Hot


The Naked Gun(1 or 2)


There's something about Mary

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Old School

Billy Maddison

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Didn't we have a whole thread of this awhile back of everyones favorite comedys?

However, I recently saw Shaun of the Dead, it was halarious.

EDIT- Yes, we did


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I echo the statements of others previously that "Shaun Of The Dead" is truly marvelous. The best comedy in many years.

The Monty Python films are of course great. As are the likes of "This is Spinal Tap" (The amp comment is my favourite quote in any film ever) the Naked Gun Series/Airplane, Dogma/Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and of course there's always the whole teen-comedy films. If you want some fairly easy comedy, stuff for easy laughs check out some Adam Sandler films or Vince Vaughn (His cameo's/small'ish parts are top notch. And the Wedding Crashers is fucking hilarious).

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