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So it starts Thursday night, and already there's controversy about Barrymore being one of the contestants this year. Also, rumoured contestants are Anna Nicole Smith, Dennis Rodman and...*shudder* Gillian McKeith

I vote Barrymore to win, just for the outrage it would cause.

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Guest muddatrucker27

It'll be shit, like most reality TV shows and ALL 'celebrity' reality TV shows.

But even though I won't watch, Barrymore to win, its about time that guy who dieds family admit that their son was a homosexual and thats not Michael Barrymores fault.

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They should do a Celeb Big Brother where famous actors have to portray one of their most famous characters throughout their entire stay. I'd have Avid Merrion, The Doctor, Den Watts...hilarity.

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Culkin Asked to Reveal Jackson Secrets on 'Big Brother'

Actor Macaulay Culkin has signed up to be a contestant on the new series of British reality show Celebrity Big Brother - and TV bosses are hoping he will reveal all about his friendship with Michael Jackson. The Home Alone star, 25, was reportedly picked because of his troubled childhood and his relationship with pop star Jackson who was acquitted of child abuse charges last year. A source at network Channel 4 tells British newspaper the Daily Star, "This is a great coup for us. And because of his friendship with Michael Jackson, you're almost getting two for the price of one. We were desperate to bag Macaulay because we want some big name Americans who will be controversial and have a chequered history. And he fits the bill nicely because so much has happened to him in his young life. But more importantly he has been privy to Jacko's private world at Neverland." Culkin will reportedly join basketball star Dennis Rodman and Anna Nicole Smith on the show.

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Am I the only one hoping that Barrymore will walk in and just go 'alright, alright, alright'. That's all I seem to remember about him, plus I remember an impressionist doing that about him a few years ago. I can actually see him breaking down in there, sort of like Les Dennis nearly did

The odds to win (keep in mind that no-one has been named, so these are just all guesses, all with William Hill)

Johnny Vegas - 3/1

Lisa Tarbuck - 4/1

Jimmy Tarbuck

Boy George - 6/1

Michael Barrymore - 7/1

Esther Rantzen - 8/1

Shane McGowen - 8/1

Derek Acorah - 8/1

Faria Alam - 9/1

Dennis Rodman - 9/1

Pete Burns - 9/1

Joan Rivers - 10/1

Anna Nicole Smith - 10/1

Gillian McKeith - 10/1

Brian Harvey - 12/1

Jocelyn Jee Esien - 12/1

Can't say I'm too familar with the majority further down the list, but I'd agree with Vegas being favorite if he enters. You can also get odds on Culken at Ladbrokes I believe.

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Yea, when he escaped. :) But that odds lists, I don't know half the people on it. And Faria Alam? What good's that gonna be?

"So Faria...you had an affair with someone at the FA?"


"Oh.....that's interesting."



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