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The first movie you ever saw at the cinema

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So what was the first movie you saw at the cinema, or at least remember seeing.

I remember my first two:

I went to see Bambi as a small kid on a re-release in the early 80s.

The second film I remember seeing was Bigfoot and the Hendersons which was apparantly released in 1987 so I would have been 6 or 7.

The only other films I remember seeing in my childhood were Jurassic Park, Naked Gun 33 1/3, Forrest Gump, Lion King (13 or 14 years old)

I have an awful memory for things like that...

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I can remember going to see Jumanji with my Dad when I was younger. And although I know that wasn't the first film I saw at the cinema, it's the first one I can remember.

As for actual film, probably Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Terminator. Their some of my Dad's favourite films, and I remember seeing them all as a youngster.

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It's difficult to say....

I'm told that I was taken to the movies when I was young (Before I was 4), but I can't remember...

The first two that I really know I saw was either Star Trek V or Ghostbusters II.

Given that at the time I liked Ghostbusters more than life itself, I'm going to say Ghostbusters II was the first movie I saw at the theater.

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I know the first two movies I went to see in the cinema were Hook and Batman, but I can't remember in which order...

(I know Batman came out earlier than Hook, but it was a special showing just on a cinema near my home, so the release year doesn't really matter)

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