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Band X epitomises Genre Y?


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I had a talk with YI a little while ago, and I thought I'd start this topic based on part of that convo.

I guess the easiest way to break this down is.....if an alien came down, what band would you make them listen to to show them what (insert genre here) sounds like as far as you are concerned? Basically, when you think of a certain genre or style, who comes to mind for you?

With the convo with YI, after introducing him to In Flames, I stated that to me, In Flames is how metal sounds/"should sound".....galloping and crunching guitars, great riffs, heavy yet with more than a hint of melody.

Other examples to me are how heavy rock always makes me think straight away to Corrosion of Conformity or Clutch....music to get drunk to and rock out to, pretty much.

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I'd give them 9 bands representing three of the most important music genre's today.

Rock and Roll - the Smashing Pumpkins, the Clash and the Hives.

The Pumpkins for the music. The Clash for their message. The Hives for their attitude and live shows.

Pop-music - Madonna, Michael Jackson and Elton John.

All three are on here due to the their impact, influence and song's.

Rap/hip-hop - Sage Francis, Missy Elliot and Nelly.

Sage Francis for his intelligence. Missy Elliot for her image, beats and lyrics. Nelly for the beats and the marketing.

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For me, The Stooges epitomise punk in every possible way. Dirty, sleazy, raw, energetic, and intelligent, but under a mask of stupidity.

"Post-Punk" is probably summed up by Joy Division and Public Image Limited. The best parts of punk mixed with elements of other genres, with both bands paving the way for many other genres in the years to come.

It sounds odd, but "Metal" to me would be summed up by Jerry Cantrell and Strapping Young Lad. Neither exactly epitomise the mental sentiment, but they just do it perfectly, in my opinion. I can't put my finger on why Cantrell's so good, he just is. Strapping Young Lad, on the other hand, are pretty much the perfect metal band, as far as I'm concerned. They don't make the same mistakes other metal bands do, which is take themselves too seriously, and to try and "out-metal" every other band, effectively curtailing any growth within the genre. Devin Townsend is metal.

I'm sure I can think of loads more, give me time :P

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As far as punk goes I'd probably use Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers, as I've always thought his music was a perfect example of punk rock. It can be catchy, rocking, it's lovely, it's disgusting, and it's played with punishing guitar riffs. (And this is fucking weird, but as I typed this up, Johnny Thunders cover of Great Big Kiss came on my random playlist). If Thunders hadn't existed I'd say the Adolescents because of the intensity in their music. Their songs were great rock but played at a quicker pace than Thunders, and a lot of people think of "fast, loud" when thinking of punk.

If I wanted to just use hardcore punk, I'd go with Negative Approach. Everything beats your ear drums into oblivion, and is sung with raw passion. Plus these guys knew how to get the crowd involved, and they had a penchant for wild crowds, which is a staple of the hardcore punk shows of the 80s.

Surf Rock would be a tougher one because of the similarities in a lot of the bands, but I think Dick Dale is the obvious choice. He had the twang down, the music for the most part was void of lyrics, and his songs have a mixture of being fun, epic, or relaxing. I think of beach bums and surfer dudes when I listen to Dick Dale.

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I agree with you, wannabe, when you speak of In Flames being the definition of metal, because even in their latter years, they still stay true to what they started for the most part. Yes, there is a bit more melody in their newer stuff, but they still hold true to metal.

That being said, I also see Unearth as being one of the newer bands that could mold into what In Flames is today, as long as they stay together. Simply put, Unearth is amazing at what they do and if they continue, will be one of the better metal bands to come out of this era.

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Metal - Pantera. You can't go wrong with Pantera.

Rap - NWA. Maybe some older Snoop thrown in.

Hip Hop - Beastie Boys.

Punk - Clash, Ramones, Misfits, Sex Pistols. Just too much different stuff there to name one band, so you might as well hit the four big ones. Throw in DI as well.

Country - Johnny Cash.

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Hmmmmm...Propagandhi to me epitomise modern punk-rock. Seems simplistic but ultimately very clever in excecution. Not afraid to try something 'different' every now and then too.

I'm not too good at these kind of things. :ohwell:

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Napalm Death to epitomize grindcore and Last Days Of Humanity to epitomize goregrind. Maybe throw in Mayhem or early Emperor to epitomize black metal. By then, any aural organs of the alien should have been hammered into miniscule bits, so no further listenings would be necessary.

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