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GTA: San Andreas first screens

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Looks slightly smoother, but they could sell the same game with just a different set of maps/missions and it'd still be world class.

I was just saying how great a bicycle would be, on monday afternoon.

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Hmm.  Screens don't look that different from Vice City, but I'd buy it no matter what the screens were.  Screw Tokyo, I want GTA:Glasgow!

Now THAT would be a great game...your missions could be to assasinate rangers players for Matin O'Neill :P

Anyway the screens look great..not MUCH different from Vice City but look a lot smoother, I am guessing the guy kneeling down is the player character, if so cool...we get to play a straight up G :D

And we get to ride bicycles :D

...Yeah yeah so I'm easily excited :P

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It'll prolly be solid, you'll play it for ages, then get so far and never touch it again. That's the way Vice City went for me. All I have to do is beat the last mission, and then all the missions are done.

But regardless, San Andreas looks pretty good, and I'll prolly pick it up.

Riding bikes > j00!

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This game looks fucking awesome....I was excited anyway and was going to buy it no matter what, but now im even more exctied. This game will be in the 90's and will be awesome :D

Im staying way up to date with it :D

Bicycle will be good, not everything in the game needs to be fast to get away, this could be good for cutting through buildings etc.

10/10 :|

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Guest bruins72

It looks like they're trying to do a cross between Vice City and True Crime: Streeets of LA. I might get this but I might wait until it gets released on the X-Box. I've got both PS2 and X-Box in my house but I've really gotten to like the X-Box much better.

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