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CD's Without A Bad Song


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"The Lost and Found" by Rasputina

"Abbey Road" by The Beatles

"Live at Stubbs" by Matisyahu

"Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis

"Parklife" by Blur

"Is This It" by The Strokes

The second and third Cowboy Bebop OSTs.

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Guest Bluesman

Everclear-"Sparkle and Fade"

Elmore James-"Shake your moneymaker: Best of the Fire Sessions"

Led Zepplin-"IV"

Ministry-"In case you didn't feel like showing up (live)"

Indigenous-"Live at Pachyderm Studios"

Pearl Jam-"Ten"

Living Colour-"Vivid"

Rage Against the Machine-'Self Titled'

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Most Green Day albums except Warning.

Fush Yu Mang by Smash Mouth

American Psycho, Cuts From The Crypt and Collection 2 by The Misfits

Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magick by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Smash, Ixnay On The Hombre and Americana by The Offspring

Riddlebox, Great Milenko, The Wraith, and Forgotten Freshness 1&2 by ICP

The Green Book by Twiztid

Black Rain by Dark Lotus

Mesmerize by SOAD(Hypnotize... Not so much)

La Sexorcisto: Devil Music vol. 1 by White Zombie

Appetite for Destruction by Guns and Roses

Lily of Da Valley and Viva La Revolution by Dragon Ash

Living Dead and Flam Vein by Bump of Chicken

X Japan's self-titled album.

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Anything by Godsmack

Anything by In Flames

Anything by Lamb of God

"Thirteenth Step" by A Perfect Circle

"Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd

Anything that invovles Rob Zombie

"Karma and Effect" by Seether

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"American Idiot" by Green Day

"The Hight of Callousness" by Spineshank

"Lullabies to Paralyze" by QOTSA

"Bleed American/[self-Titled]" by Jimmy Eat World

"Gorillaz" by Gorillaz

"Take Off Your Pants and Jacket" by blink-182

"Audioslave" by Audioslave

"Out of Exile" by Audioslave

Aaaand, because I'm a slut, I'm going to honestly say Angels and Airwaves' "We Don't Need To Whisper".

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