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Spiderman 3 Teaser Trailer


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It's out now, I believe Apple's site has it in high-res.

I'm probably the only person that thought it looked like balls, judging from the internet's reaction. The only thing I thought that looked good was the HUGE Sandman sweeping through the city street.

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And that teaser looked okay. I'm still not sold on the symbiote, but I AM sold on Sandman and I'm very interested to see where they're going with what I presume is Harry Osborn on the Goblin Glider but not exactly dressed as the Green Goblin.

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Adored the first, bored by the second but enjoyed it after a few rewatches, this one I'm intensely hyped for, I love the final shot of him looking in the mirror, it was a nice was to contrast the intro, he finds the darkness in himself at the begining, but at the end he can see the light and good. More hyped than ever now :)

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I still do not understand how anyone can hate that first Spiderman movie at all. It was a great film, it did everything it needed to do, it established the mood, the feel, and the tone perfectly, and it was pretty goddamn faithful. Far more faithful than MOST superhero movies are. It boggles my mind.

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