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Top 10 Video Game Weapons


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How the BFG 9000 was lower on the list than a fucking turtle shell, I will never know.

Because the red turtle shell owns, especially in nail-biting Mario multiplayer sessions. It is literally, when used right, the difference between winning and losing.

The red turtleshell gets it's proper respect! (Y)

Damn fucking right.

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The best weapons ever are still the Sheep (lost a lot of its novelty value over the years, but it's still a fantastic idea), the Timesplitters 2 Brick, the voodoo doll from Blood, the taser from Syphon Filter (you could hit people on the top of tower blocks with it. From the floor.) and...I had another, I can't remember it.

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QUOTE(Video on the Chainsaw in Doom


Not accuired until late in the game


The fuck? You get it on the second friggin' level...

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