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I'm looking for songs with a general content of 'King' within. So far I have...

"King of My World" by Saliva

"The Kings" by Run DMC

"King For a Day" by Green Day

"Tell The King" by The Libertines

"King of Rock'N'Roll" by Daniel Lioneye

"King of Kings" by Motorhead

"The Man Who Would Be King" by The Libertines

Now you may help me (Y)

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King of The Road - Roger Miller

He Was The King - Neil Young


King of the Swingers which I think was preformed by Louis Armstrong (the song from the Jungle Book).

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Hall of the Mountain King by Apocalyptica (ok, so by Grieg, but hey).

King of Fools - Edguy

Wake The King - Edguy

Kings Will Be Kings - Helloween

Blood of the Kings - Manowar

Kings Of Metal - Manowar

King - Manowar

Wisdom of the Kings - Rhapsody

Devil With The King's Card - Machine Head

Legacy Of Kings - Hammerfall

Enthroned In The Temple Of Serpent Kings - Bal-Sagoth

I've bolded the ones that I'd reccomend for 'mainstream rock/metal' listenage. The rest just happened to be on my playlist ¬_¬

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The King Of Carrot Flowers, Pts. I, II & III by Neutral Milk Hotel

King Of Negativity by Pigface

Sun King by The Beatles

King Nothing by Metallica

King Kill 33 by Marilyn Manson

Woman King by Iron & Wine

King Queen by GWAR

King For A Day by Green Day

King's Crossing by Elliott Smith

We Three Kings by Amped

Paralyzing Kings by 10 Years

Sofa King by DangerDoom

King's Weed by ! ! !

King Back by T.I.

I'm A King by The Game & T.I.

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