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Football Manager 2007


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Y'know when you look at what someone else is doing and think "Huh, that looks cool. I could go for some of that."?

Y'know when you look at some of the guys in this thread and their tales of taking over San Marino and training their players at club level to be awesome?

Y'know when you look at England whooping Andorra 5-0 and think "I could turn them around, no problems."?

You know things haven''t started too well when you sign 13 odd players from Andorra for your Cambridge United side and get criticised by the Andorran press (that's right, the guy in his basement who prints off his little dirt rag) for picking only your club players in your first squad.

You know things haven't started too well when those 13 odd players get whooped 4-1 in their first game.

And you certainly know things haven't started too fucking well when this happens:



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I'm going to name my first born German Canal.

The scouting system in '07 looks so much better. Sending scouts out before was a gamble, considering half the time they'd either come back with nothing, or tell you to that Ronaldinho/Ibrahimovic/Henry would be a good signing.

The detail they give on players looks great, a lot more like an actual scout report. Helps you work out whether a) they're good and b) whether they'd fit into your team.

Also, being able to see some info about a club before you pick them at the start of a game is handy. Especially if you're playing a network game and you want to have teams of a similar ability/financial status.

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