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Female Led Bands

The Hardcore Canuck

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For some reason, I really like female led heavy-rock/metal bands. I currently have albums for these bands:


Lacuna Coil

Within Temptation




Can anyone recomend any other female-led bands (BTW, I hate Evanescence)?

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I'm just going to list some female-led bands, regardless of subgenre. Because... uh. I feel like it, mostly, and most of these are bands I really dig and you should check out.

- Mon Frere

- Tsunami Bomb

- Sleater-Kinney

- Yellow Machinegun (they fit the genre you're looking for too)

- Seagul Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her

- Inugami Circus-Dan

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Hole (and Courtney Love's solo)

Le Tigre


Bikini Kill

Yeah Yeah Yeah's

The Horrorpops

The Distillers

Chicks On Speed

Lesbians on Esctasy

The Fiery Furnaces

The Go Team

The Pipettes

Jefferson Airplane

No Doubt

Love Is All


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You Say Party! We Say Die!

Rilo Kiley

Some of the Broken Social Scene stuff is done with either female/male duets/more, or with entirely female vocals (Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl, for example).

Kill Hannah



Cat Power

and The New Pornographers and Stars both contain female vocals, if they're any use.

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The Cardigans

I too must add some love for Lacuna Coil. Really like "Comalies", it's quite a simply structured album - but it works. Also, muchos love for Heart. "If Looks Could Kill" is an ace track of theirs.

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Uh... whoever said Kill Hannah... that's a dude.

AdGray's the only person with Garbage love? You cockfuckers!




No Doubt

Auf der Maur

Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Snake River Conspiracy

Drain STH


Veruca Salt - nothing guilty pleasure about them, they rule.

The Donnas

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