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Favourite TV characters


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Picard, Data, Odo, Quark from the Star Treks.

Oh, and O'Brien.

EDIT - I forgot Geordi LaForge. I can't believe I forgot Geordi.

Mal Reyonds from Firefly.


Tony Almeida from 24.

Homer Simpson

GOB from Arrested Development.

Karl Kennedy from Neighbours.

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Just naming the underappreciated:

Cooper/Audrey from Twin Peaks

Harrison/Nicole from Popular

Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars

Tommy Caffee from Brotherhood

George Findlay from The Newsroom

Ah hell, too much underappreciated awesomeness to name them all.

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Michael Caffee and Tommy Caffee from Brotherhood

Al Swearengen and Seth Bullock from Deadwood

Ari Gold and Johnny Drama from Entourage

Jimmy McNulty and Omar Little from The Wire

Tony Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti from The Sopranos

Tommy Gavin from Rescue Me

Vic Mackey, Antwon Mitchell, and Dutch Wagenbach from The Shield

Dexter Morgan from Dexter

Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

John Abruzzi, T-Bag, Mahone, and Kellerman from Prison Break

Jack Bauer, Chloe O'Brien, and Tony Almada from 24

GOB and Tobias Funke from Arrested Development

Locke and Sawyer from Lost

I think I will stop there and yeah, I listed way too much, but whatever.

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Guest Ringo Masterson

I posted this in a thread a few months back and the list still stands:

10. Tony Soprano

Soprano is a pimp and he kills people. He's also got a human side, which is shown through the interactions with Melfi. He devellops well and really, you can't go wrong with Tony Soprano

9. Malcom Reynolds

Han Solo x10. Everyone likes Han Solo and this guy is just better :shifty:

8. Dale Cooper

He was quirky as hell on Twin Peaks and played one of the awesomest FBI agents ever. He was like Mulder before there was a Mulder. And he's just awesome at everything he does.

7. Spike

Probably the funniest character ever on an hour long show, he was awesome at everything he did and I loved the morphing between bad guy with a tinge of goodness to full on saviour of the world.

6. Fox Mulder

Dale Cooper may have invented the quirky agent, but Mulder perfected him. He may be one dimensional, but he's a freak and he's unrelenting and he's awesome. Like a geek with actualy power and say and you can't bear but like him.

5. Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer will eat your babies. He just goes in, does his job and beats the shit out of people. He does seem to be making judgements based on human feeling as of late, which endears him some more.

4. Veronica Mars

She's just so hot. shifty.gif. That and she solves crime, drops wisecracks, and goes to school too. Like an old school detective in a teenage girl's body. A hot teenage girl's body shifty.gif

3. Dr Cox

No reason need be given. He makes jokes all the time, but he's got a great human side too. JD may summarize Scrubs, but this is the meat and bones of the show to me. It's also the best acted part.

2. Angel

Angel's character is likable because he's deeply peninant and doing vigilante justice as a result of this. But, because of his conscience, he's also got a need for human contact and a feel for it that makes him incredibly endearing. Of course, he's absolutely awesome whenever he heel-turns too, which is awesome.

1. Wesley Wyndham Price

Wesley is often overlooked, even though in my book he's the best develloped TV character of all time. He first appears as a huge nerd you can't help but hate. He's a bookworm and serves comedic purposes. Then, he switches over to Angel, where's a joke and a wannabe vigilitante with very little skill. However, as Angel leaves him in charge, he actually grows a set and fends off crime. And then, of course, he gives Angel's kid to evil and becomes a complete utter badass, or as I like to call him Wesley Wyndham-Badass. His subsequent relationship with Fred only serve to make him even more awesome.

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