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"Coolest" of the female Battle Royale characters

BR characters  

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  1. 1. Coolest female BR character

    • #10 Hirono Shimizu
    • #11 Mitsuko Souma
    • #13 Takako Chigusa
    • #15 Noriko Nakagawa
    • #20 Kaori Minami
    • Someone better

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Again, same drill.

With the females there's less who stand out. You've got the lighthouse girls who for me are a bit meh (intruiging from a societal point of view though).

You mainly have the three - Souma the uber-heel female antagonist, Nakagawa the nicey nicey girl with more strength than you'd think, and Chigusa, cos she threatens to rip Niida's testicles off as well as being an athlete.

However Minami must get kudos for going completely bonkers, and I've always had a soft spot for Shimizu who gets a few good scenes.

However I gotta go for Chigusa. Cos she's a 'goodie' but can hold her own in a fight. And kills Niida.

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Noriko. Mostly because I have major trouble remembering Japanese names, so can't remember who most of the others are ¬_¬

But even so, Noriko is cool. She does the whole "damsel in distress who gets shot" thing, but she's not completely useless and annoyingly "ouch, I am injured, cry cry" unlike most other leading ladies who get shot during books/films. So yeah.

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In my opinion, that lighthouse scene was amazing. I had to re read many pages just to catch all of the awesomeness. So I'll give my vote to those 5-7 (however many it was) girls.

But for main females, Mitsuko. I didn't feel she was potrayed well in the movie (actually, was she even in the movie, I don't recall, if so, she didn't seem to stand out). In the manga she was a superb heel. I loved her backstory.

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Surely this is a no contest. Mitsuko kicked major ass.

See this is where I would love TEOL, if he hasn't declared his support for an inferior fantasy series.

The feeling is entirely mutual :angry:

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Mitsuko, obviously. A much better character than Kiriyama for her role in the game, and much more evil. I originally based my BRIII character off of her, but was forced to adapt to the situation when Dukes appeared with his Yum/kiko strategy.

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As much as I wanted to vote for Mitsuko, I couldn't.

I had to vote for Noriko.

The girl gets shot in the leg, and never sheds a tear. She gets sicks, and never complains. Even with that she still manages to legitimately give a shit about Shuyu and Shogo, while stuck in the middle of Battle Royale.

and there was the scene with Kiriyama near the end of the manga that made her the winner for me.

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I went with Chigusa.

I figure that she's the only person on the island to actually make a kill with a serious emotional meaning behind it. Mistuko just killed because she wanted to win, and Kiriyama just because he could. Chigusa made the only kill that had a strong emotional tie to it; it was the only "Meaningful" death to occur among the students.

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