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Hamster's BOARD GAME SALE thread!

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Roll up roll up boys and girls! Have I got some games for you!

First up is my party game KABOOM! It's for up to EIGHT players.

Each player takes a unique player card with different weapons. Play moves around the table as people choose who to target, who to attack and who to shoot. Dice are rolled, people die and it takes just a few minutes for light-hearted fun and slagging off. It's not deep and meaningful but it allows for some good old fashioned bullying, targetting and scumbaggery. Best of all I got the art done for FREE! Check it out!



I will make copies for anyone interested and ship them to you for mate's rates prices....Erm....(quick maths)

US - $11.50

UK - £7.50

AUS - $11.70

I take payment via Paypal. I worry about the charges at my end.

As it's Christmas, I will also throw in the Santa Claus character promo for FREEEEE!

Yeah I know it's pricey but on a per-unit construction cost that's what it is and as I said elsewhere, I normally charge more....But as it's you guys and Christmas.

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Landlubbers is a game for kids really or younger siblings, families etc.

Loosely each of you are pirates sailing around to six islands.


In reality you each have "map" cards 1-6 and the islands are numbered 1-6. Each island has a limited amount of treasure on it. Gold on 5-6, Rubies on 3-4 and Sapphires on 1-2. Sapphires worth 1 point, Rubies 2pts and Gold 3pts. Every round you all secretly play a map to choose where you're going then all reveal. If you're the only pirate going to the island you can take one piece of treasure. If 2 or more of you choose the same island then you've wasted your time fighting and take nothing.

There are extra rules involving the buying of power-ups like cannons, peg-legs etc and there's a black spot which moves around and costs a player some points at the end of the game.

Like I said, it's for kids really (I play it in my classes) but if you chill out with a younger brother, cousin or whatever regularly or at Christmas then hey, there are worse games around!

There isn't so much to this one so it's:

US - $10.50

UK - £7.00

AUS - $11.00

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Ever wanted to be a Japanese yakitori chef?! Of course you bloody haven't but now here's your chance anyway.

Each player plays the part of a chef in a Japanese meat-on-sticks bar. Customers come in to be served and each has a different hankering like that token white guy who wants a chicken and spring onion stick and a pork and asparagus! Serve him and you get those points!


My main "gimmick" of the game is that each player can use both of his hands on each of his turns. For example it takes one hand to grab an ingredient card from the counter, one hand to shove the meat onto a stick, one hand to throw unwanted ingedients into the bin, two hands to cook the sticks, two hands to serve a customer etc. If you can't find an ingredient you need you can always dig around in the trash to pull out discarded ingredients but you're penalised with a "stinky" token, worth minus points at the end.


The start player also gets to wear a sweet headband with some Japanese on it. Brilliant.

Got to finalise the price on this one because there are lots of cards to print per copy.

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I've got a couple of free games if anyone wants to print a few sheets off and play for FREE! That's right, FREEEE!

First there's the Footy Manager game I was rabbiting on about a while back. Click here http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/96602/footy-manager and scroll down to the Files section. It's an attempt to be Football Manager but with paper and dice and you can play solo or with friends - great with both actually.

There's also a game that's like Yahtzee but with a Rock 'n Roll theme. Create a rock band and lead them for four years and see if you can be more successful than your opponents. It's a bit push your luck too. Fun. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/87927/rock-n-roll


I've got other free games but as one is a pretty deep and involved cycling strategy game I can't see that being too popular here.

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