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Holiday movie/specials fest!

King Ellis

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Some of you may recall that in October I set out to watch a different horror related movie every day through til Halloween, a feat I pretty much accomplished (I missed out two individual days but doubled up the next day to make up).

Now, since it's December 1st (in England at least, at the time of writing) and into the period of time that I will willingly accept Christmas related things, it's time once more to watch a whole bunch of holiday movies/specials. Perhaps only up until the 25th this time though. After that, are there New Years themed movies? :shifty:

I say holiday because there are movies that take place around Christmas that aren't strictly about Christmas (Die Hard, Gremlins, Home Alone) etc but Christmas movies are just as welcome.

And not forgetting Christmas specials too!

Now, Die Hard (and 2, that's at Christmas too, right? 3? 4?) and Gremlins are already penciled in. The version of A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart and Richard E. Grant (and Dominic West!) is a tradition of mine to be watched on Christmas Eve so that's in too. I may look into more versions of it but i'm not entirely sure, it may lead to overkill. Stuff like the Muppets or Disney, as well as some earlier movie adaptations. May have to give the Kelsey Grammer musical version a miss though. :shifty: Speaking of Scrooge, can't forget the Bill Murray vehicle Scrooged.

Other than that, a few films I first saw last year like It's A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story will be getting another outing. Dare I say that I may even watch the colour version of IAWL?!

And in the realms of specials, I usually watch the likes of The Simpsons/Family Guy/Futurama/South Park stuff on Christmas morning. Plus, the Charlie Brown Christmas special was something I saw last year too, I recall not thinking much of it but I'll give it another whirl. How about The Snowman? Though actually, i'm not sure how universal that particular title is. Is it just a British thing or has it made it's way over to the Americas and such over time? Festivus will be in there too (here's looking at you, apsham). That counts, right?

Help me fill in the blanks and spark some discussion on your favourites from Christmas past!

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Surely The Great Escape is the only film you ever watch on Boxing Day, right?

Miracle on 51st Street (or whatever it's called), Elf (with Will Ferrel), Santa Claus! Happy Feet (Penguins are christmassy, right?).

I'm looking to do 12 christmas films this year like I did last year, although maybe not the same ones as I did last year so this thread should give me some good ideas.

Edit: YES! Jingle all the Way is amazing.

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Every year I put TBS on since they air A Christmas Story for 24 hours. I dont watch it all day, but if Im not doing anything the TV gets put on cable mode. Other than that I dont really recall watching any holiday movies as a tradition. A Christmas Story is just a great film to me. I would actually be interested in seeing a remake to get a more modern take on the film, though I cant say I would completely enjoy it.

Jingle All The Way is great. It isnt good quality, but it's just a silly film with Arnold teaming up with Sinbad. Seeing them act like maniacs over a toy is great fun. Plus Big Show as Santa Clause :wub:

How could I forget Phil Hartman?

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Most of the classics have already been mentioned (though if you're looking for A Christmas Carol adaptation votes, put mine towards Muppets). National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is another one of my favorites.

OH. Watch Santa's Slay. For the love of God, everyone must watch Santa's Slay.

Goldberg only works opposite Jean Claude Van Damme :shifty:.

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I enjoyed Santa's Slay until they put a backstory into it. Granted, it wasn't that bad, but I much preferred it when it was Goldberg just randomly killing people in the most over the top ways.

And I forgot Christmas Vacation as well? Something is seriously wrong with me :(

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How hard is it to track down a copy of this nowadays?


I've never looked, but it can't be that hard to find. Although, it's apparently a very tough watch.

Now this is a Christmas Movie:


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The Rankin-Bass claymation television specials, such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Hobomabo already brought up Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, and I'll add Santa Claus (the Mexican kids' movie.) I've only ever watched the MST3K versions of each, but even in their original form they should be fun.

Finally, anything involving Muppets and Christmas, especially Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas. You may be able to watch that one for free on YouTube.

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