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What games for 2012 are you looking forward to?


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Street Fighter X Tekken

Finally, my young childhood's favourite fighting game goes head to head with my teen years favourite fighting game. Jin and Devil Jin versus Ryu and Evil Ryu? Fuck yes. Chun Li and Cammy versus Nina and Anna? Fuck yes. M Bison versus Heihachi? Holy fuck yes. Whilst I'm more looking forward to Tekken x Street Fighter (since it'll be in the control style of Tekken, which I prefer), this should still be a phenomenal fighter with tons of fun combo time.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Okay, so the controls for XIII were a bit shit, and it was very linear, but apparently both of those issues have been addressed. I adored the world that XIII created, even if the gameplay wasn't great, the story was really entertaining to me. I look forward to seeing the amazing world of Pulse in more detail, and hopefully mixing it up with a few more of those Eidolons.

Mass Effect 3

The end :'( It's been an epic journey with Shep, but now time comes to a close, and judging by the stuff I've seen, it's going to be just as epic a finale. Can't wait to see what all my decisions in the first two games affected, now that they're free of the restrictions of having to plan for sequels.

Bioshock Infinite

The world of Rapture was enthralling and dark, whilst Columbia looks to be a lot more bright, but just as twisted in a very different way. Whilst I don't have expectations that they're going to top the first two in terms of theme and aura, I can't wait to see how they've employed gameplay improvements.

Tomb Raider

Having had her crown stolen by Nathan Drake, Lara's had to make some changes, and I totally approve of the survival horror direction. Don't know much about it, but I do know this is the first time in nearly a decade that I've been excited to play Lara's next adventure.

Metal Gear Rising

Snake? SNAAAAAAAKE?! is gone, and replaced with Raiden. Put simply, can't wait. This will be the first MGS with trophies/achievements, so hopefully I'll finally be motivated to sneak everywhere and get that ultimate rank... if I can resist stabbing shit.

Final Fantasy Type-0

Don't know much about this one, but it looks fun, and it's Final Fantasy. Still prefer the name "Agito" to "Type-0" though.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Another XIII game, and my most anticipated. This looks visually stunning, and the world that I've seen feels like a cross between Final Fantasy VII and the world imagined within Ipsen's Castle and Kuja's Sand Palace in FF9, both of which I always wanted to discover. Incredibly hyped for this.

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Yeah, I'm only really looking forward to Mass Effect 3. I've played the first and second installment to death and I just can't wait for the finale. The only other time I've been this hyped was when Fallout 3 came out. I am just going to lock myself away when this hits the stores and do nothing but Shepard it up and kill some Reapers.

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Mass Effect 3 will be a day one pick up for me, and it will be the only game I play for awhile. I picked up ME2 on a whim, since I enjoyed ME1 enough (but it wasn't AMAZING)....ME2? Game of the year for me when it came out.

I will likely pick up FF XIII-2, but ehhh....not in a hurry.

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