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EWB Terraria Server


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EWB Terraria Server!

How to join (screenshots):










port: 7776

The server is up as of 2330 GMT 05 January 2012

I'm hosting the server so it isn't up as often as I'd like, however we could possibly pay for a dedicated server (they're cheap) if enough interest is shown.

I'll edit this post with tips and stuff later on.

To quote Ellis in the Terraria game thread:

If you don't have your character made yet then you'll need to go ahead and do that first.

You'll need to go to multiplayer, then click join, pick your character, enter the ip address, enter the port number (more than likely you can leave it at 7777), then there may be a password check if the server has one and that should do it. The game keeps a list of recently used IP addresses for future use.

Now, in our case, you enter ewbworld.servegame.com as the IP. The game might store the IP in regular numeric form but that might only prove useful for one night since I guess Dan resets his computer and the IP changes. Port is 7777 and password is ewbpass.

For some general info, to the right of the spawn area is a rather tall building that I made which houses various NPC's which will buy and sell certain items. Peopl have made a few houses of their own but i'm not entirely sure how best future housing should be done. To the left of the spawn we're a little too close to a dangerous area and to the right we're somewhat close to a snowy area which I wouldn't mind leaving relatively untouched for artistic sake. There should be room inbetween though for people to build, in amongst the remains of Cloudy's shacks which he suicide bombed for some reason. :shifty:

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As an aside to what I posted before and Dan has quoted, having some trees around, at least in our 'town' I think is nice for the aesthetics of the place. If you only need a little bit of wood for crafting then go ahead and chop them down caus they are renewable with acorn planting but I think I'd advise maybe starting a single player game and pillaging that world if you need lots and lots of it if you have a project in mind. That or wander off and harvest away from the town.

Other than that, I think i'll build a little house over the spawn with some chests with building material (dirt, stone etc) that people can use and we can house the guide there so you can get whatever tips he offers and find out craft recipes (or, you know, just wiki it :shifty:)

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Dan's computer probably reset or something.

We could try hosting on someone elses computer if we don't go the paid host route. Then again, I dunno how often we're likely to have more than 8 people trying to play at once.

Though, I know Dan has issues using the web when having the server is up so he might be open to someone else trying regardless.

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