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What games, over the course of your life, do you think you've spent the most time on?

I tend to spend a lot of time on RPGs, and my most played is by far Final Fantasy VII. Though I'd classify Final Fantasy IX as my favourite in the series, I've completed this game at least once every year since it was released, sometimes more. I know the ins and outs of this game like the back of my hand, and yet I still keep coming back to it.

Another RPG I've spent a lot of time on is Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow. Between the whole series FF and Pokémon, I've easily spent around 2000 hours playing them, probably significantly more, and this was my most played era of Pokémon, especially if you count the remakes.

My most played online game is probably Red Dead Redemption. This was the game that basically introduced me to how great and varies online can be, and had an incredible offline game too. So much time spent doing sidequests that felt like no chore at all. I doubt I'll ever re-play it, but the online gives me plenty to keep coming back to.

Football Manager and Civ have taken more nights away from me with "onemoreturnitis" than I care to mention. Civ IV in particular took a lot from me with my obsession of raging holy wars on everyone :shifty:

With each generation, Sonic and Mario get re-released, and I play them more and more in bits and bobs.

More to come when I think of them.

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Football Manager is easily the franchise I put most of my time in. However, on a single game, it might be a tie between one of the FM's and Call of Duty 2. My god I loved that game online on the PC so much during my young teen years. Same goes for COD1 actually.

Pokemon Blue is definitely up there, although in hindsight I probably didn't put that much time into it; only played it during holiday breaks. Once I completed it I never played it again.

I also adored Left 4 Dead 1. L4D2 is great too but I had a core friends group I played with on Steam in L4D1 and for some reason that died a bit when the second game came out 'cause we got older. Ah being young, no worries....good times.

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It used to be RPGs, when I was a teenager - especially the Final Fantasy series. I've finished FFVII a dozen or so times, and played through to the start of Disc 2 countless times.

Aside from that, Sonic 1, Alex Kidd In Miracle World, Secret Of Monkey Island and Streets Of Rage 2 probably make the list as things I've just thrown hundreds of hours into over the years.

For a couple of years, Starcraft, Civ2 and Age Of Empires were definitely up there.

Nowadays, though, I barely have the time or the patience for games that aren't more than simple platformers or puzzle games, with the exception of TEW.

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Football Manager (or Championship Manager back in the day) is the series I've spent by far the most time on. I sent lots of time on the earlier Pro Evolution Soccer games, but not so much over the last four or five years.

As for single games, FIFA 98 took up HOURS. I played it most nights after school, and would play through whole seasons in a weekend...most weekends. Smackdown 2 must be the only game to rival it in tersm of hours played. It was the same story with that, played it for hours after school each day.

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My most played online game is probably Red Dead Redemption. This was the game that basically introduced me to how great and varies online can be, and had an incredible offline game too. So much time spent doing sidequests that felt like no chore at all. I doubt I'll ever re-play it, but the online gives me plenty to keep coming back to.

Those were the days. wub.gif

I put about as much time into GTA IV online as Red Dead, I'd say - but the most time given to a game online has to be Burnout Paradise. I spent almost a year playing it every single day. It was frustrating at times, but when you had a decent group of guys together, doing the challenges was so fun. The custom soundtrack, plus being able to talk to whoever you were playing with certainly helped this. The support for that game from Criterion was nothing short of superb.

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Championship/Football Manager of course.

Sensible (World of) Soccer.

Pro Cycling Manager.

Pro Evolution Soccer.

Total War series.

Civilization series.

Graham Gooch cricket.

UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-Com).


Theme Park.

Some random old text footy games on cassette on my old Amstrad as a kid.

EDIT: Also 150-200 hours on Oblivion.

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Probably the WMMA games. :shifty: And despite that I've never managed to have a real long-running game. :/

Honestly, it would be a fight between the Mass Effect series, I have logged atleast 200 hours with the first one (taking both the Xbox and PC versions into account) and just about 100 hours on the second, and then probably the Half Life series; fuck multiplayer though, I've just played shitloads of the campaign over and over again. :shifty:

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Pokemon (Mainly Diamond & FireRed), GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, Burnout Paradise, LittleBigPlanet

also, LittleBigPlanet and it's sequel are probably the most underrated games ever.

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The first two Diablo games ate up significant portions of my life. I've spent well over 200 hours on the first Disgaea and still did not complete everything. I played through Persona 3 twice when I first got it, and then replayed the main story when FES came out so that's probably in the 200+ hour range too. There are quite a few PS2 RPG's that ended up in the triple digits in terms of hours as well, but those are my tops by far.

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In order probably...

Final Fantasy 7 (beat it like 30 times and got to level 99 in most games)

NHL 95 (was my favorite game when I was 10 on Genesis)

Battlefield BC2

NCAA 2012 (I play it a lot cuz of my online dynasties)

WWF No Mercy for N64

Madden 2011 (I had fun building the Lions into a powerhouse)

Zelda Ocarina of Time

Those are probably my most played games of all time.

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Most online game? Call of Duty series....I usually put about 60ish hours into the online alone each year (minimum).

RPG wise....likely Final Fantasy VIII. I loved that game as a kid!

The 'one-more-turn' games....EHM 2007 and Civ IV (Civ V is good...just hasn't hooked me in).

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Christ, could be a lot of games that fit the bill for me.

I have played my pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow cartridges so much that I had to purchase all three again and continued to waste day after day on the damn games. Haven't picked up my GBA in ages, but I'd probably still enjoy it even if I went back to it now. I've played Gold quite a bit too as it has a bit more to it than the first gen, but never really fell in love with it as much as I did the first gen.

Metal Gear Solid. Thousands of hours have been spent playing this game (and I do mean just the first version, number 2 is up there with 50-100 playthroughs) with friends, family and as a lone (sniper) wolf :shifty:. Didn't quite take to 3 or 4 as much (only played MGS3 through a couple of times and MGS4 just the once) but I would spend hours under stealth just running around throwing guards over balcony's and down stairs. That game is too much fun.

FIFA. 2001 was probably my most played game when younger, but since almost my entire group of friends is football orientated, we often play FIFA tournaments until the early hours of the next morning, so every year each game gets utilised to it's fullest. Fifa 12 not so much because the AI is dull as fuck to play and my online gaming isn't hooked up at the moment (need new cable). I don't enjoy an opponent knowing exactly where I'm going to go as soon as I touch the button, but such flaws for me are enjoyable for some people I suppose. But once I get online I can see myself adding this to the list of football games that get played to death.

GTA III. I've clocked more time on GTA than I can care to remember, played every single game since III came out and completed each numerous times (PS2-3 games that is, had a go on Chinatown Wars but handheld gaming isn't something I particularly enjoy). GTA IV probably wins out because of the online mode being so damn fun to play.

More recently I've started playing Footie Manager, although for the PC it'd probably be some combination of EWR/TEW/WMMA that wins out for hours spent on a PC Game.

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When I was younger I spent a load of time on Final Fantasy. Also the last two NFL 2k games before Madden got their monopoly sucked up a lot of my life.

But they're not even close to how much the NHL series has conquered my life. Me and my roommates killed my old PS3 with how much time we put into it. It's one of the perils of being Canadian.

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