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Sim City 5

Herr Matzat

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As it seems you can´t play offline and no matter were you buy it you will need orgin to run it. So sad. :-(

It also looks a bit like they are going a "The Sims" route as in tons of DLC. The Preorder already brings a few free items, looks and special buildings and than there is a premium version that brings even more. I´ed love to play this, but the news i am reading are pushing me away, at least from buying it.

I fear that this game will bring ton´s of DLC at ea price level. This game brings skinns for citys/city areas (if you look at the Sims 3s store, you can pay 14-20€ on a kitchen skin) ...and bigger gameplay stuff like subways are cut for now aswell.

Anyway, lot´s of other infos to be found on the official site. Some videos to.


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Once they added shit like water they lost me.

This. The original SimCity I still have on a CD somewhere. Poured hours into that game...even printed out a map of my megalopolis, taping them together accordingly. Parents weren't too pleased on the amount of ink I used :shifty:

Diablo 3 was the first game I ever owned that required a constant internet connection. I didn't mind playing it; I may even go back and give it another go, but I always feel like there's someone just over my shoulder when I play. It's enough of a feeling to deter me from purchasing another "always online" game (even MMOs).

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Online only is far less of a problem than Origin is to me. I don´t want that pice of spyware on my computer.

Online only is ok if you game sells mostly through the multiplayer. Like with Starcraft oder Diablo you got games you don´t buy for the campaign (at least i got most of my houres out of laddering/killing stuff with frinds). And to a certain degree Diablo needs the always online deal since the auction houses need players not to be able to cheat (weather you like it or not, thats their game idea and it is conclusive)

But dos Sim City require this? They are trying to go in a Cities XL direction were you share your neigbours pollution but also can sell him your energy (but that game even had monthly fees with that multiplayer - you still could play it off line without fees) which is all fine and dandy. But do you want that in a sim city game? Don´t you want to play at your own speed? Find your own challenged or just save your game and demolish your city with hurricanes and Godzilla?

There still is a single player mode, but as far as i understand it it requires you to be online aswell. But this also suffers from the focus shift because the biggest map you can get is as big as the medium maps were in the last sim city.

It feels more like they looked for a reason to make this online only to disallow used sales and be able to have more control over adone contend ect.

Still have not played Anno 2070, i hope the steam version is clean of all that Ubisoft spying. Maybe i´ll just get that on sale and wait what happens to Sim City5. :D

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