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Board Game thread

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As the other board game threads have been about me and my favourite games I thought it would be nice to have a general thread.

Bought The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game recently and I highly recommend it. You can either play it two player co-operatively against the game or can play it solo. They've been releasing new adventure packs each month or so in themed story arcs. The first was based around Mirkwood, then they've just gone into the Dwarven mines and then they're going up into the mountains with the next batch.

The base game gives you 12 heroes (such as Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas etc) and you build a deck of cards and play through the adventures. The easiest one (1/10 difficulty) I just defeated for the first time on my SIXTH attempt with Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn - a fighty group as opposed to other heroes who are more about travelling or magic and lore. It's named "Flies and Spiders" so I'm sure you can guess what kind of enemies you come up against.

Anyway it's well worth it so check it out. I've got a friend in the US bringing over a couple of mission packs - I asked for one where you're hunting for Gollum which I think comes with Bilbo as the new hero.


So if you see this box it's well worth it.

Oh here's a couple of card pictures:


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I played a game of Axis and Allies a few weeks back, there were only three of us, so it was 2 allies against the 1 axis player. I was the axis, and I kicked ass ^_^

I also just picked up some new games. For Sale, which is a fun little auction-card game and the Battlestar Galactica + expansion game. I probably spent about 2-3 hours last Saturday just going through the rules for both games, so that I'd be ready to play them. I also have 4 or 5 games sitting in my closet that I haven't even played yet :(

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For Sale is a highly rated little game. Short but good.

The Battlestar Galactica game has a lot of fans, partly for the theme (I've never really watched the show) and partly because players get dealt a card to see whether they're human or cylon and the cylons subtly try to make the human team lose without people working out they're the bad guys. Loads of paranoia.

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The paranoia in the game is great...I actually played the game before I watched the show, and still loved it. But now that I've actually seen most of the show? I can appreciate it that much more.

I just need to convince some friends that they wanna play :shifty:

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If anyone wants another free little game, I've finished work on another football dice game. This one much simpler and for a few players. It recreates euro '96, Euro 2000 and Euro 2004 and is based on "The World Cup Game" which you may have noticed in my top 20 list.

Go to this link to print off the very few pages you need and grab a handful of dice and a pencil.


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Stop taunting me with hopes of yakitori game!

Settlers of Catan is enjoyed greatly by my family. Might play it tomorrow night. We play it every fortnight or so. I FINALLY won my first game last time we played. My younger brother dominates it, for some odd reason.

REALLY want to play some Twilight Struggle, but no one wants to play :(

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I just moved back out into my own place and i've started my board game collection! :)

I have 7 Wonders on order, with mucho thankies to TEOL for his diary making me aware of it.

I also bought Cash N Guns, on prior reccommendation from Hamster. Can't wait for them to arrive! :D

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It has been ages since I played a board game but I have fond memories of both the old Settler board game and this wonderful little fun thing called FRAG. Anybody else played FRAG or know anywhere where I can find it? Because it is a hilarious little nerdy game.

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