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PES 2013


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There were three trailers at E3, the third is at the below link. I'm a little excited!;


Making the thread so early as a demo is expected as early as next month.

Other big news, is that along with the now fully licensed La Liga, all 20 of the stadiums will be made available via DLC on release, for free.

Chances are I'll be buying this and skipping FIFA this year, partly because I have more fun with PES, and partly because FIFA 12 let me down big time.

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I consider Pro Evo's peak as whenever PES6 came out (2007?). I much preferred it over FIFA while it was still completely unlicensed. Now I see them as almost identical games, the only difference being shoot/pass reversed on the default controls.

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To say that about five or six years ago PES was fantastic and FIFA was miserable, the games have been very close recently.

Thing is, every year the PES trailers are impressive and the Demo's play superbly but then the final game has the same old issues (not least the rubber-band AI) and I'm left wondering why the final product plays worse than the demo.

I still find FIFA to be more than a little mechanical and souless, but playable; and I've begun to think that I might as well buy FIFA and get exactly what I expect, rather than buy PES expecting a return to form and getting something less.

Also, drunken FIFA > Drunken PES.

Finally, while I still play copious amounts of Football Manager, its been a fair few years since I was still playing PES/FIFA regualarly more than a month after release, and I'm unsure if that's a statement on the quality of the games or on my gaming preferences changing.

I expect that the quality of the demos will tell me more, and that I'll end up getting one or the other if they're playable enough.

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If PES had a proper online clubs mode, I'd probably be more interested.

I've tried it for the last few years and it's decent enough, not as good as FIFA imo but playing on my own only keeps me interested for a few days.

Any news of a clubs mode this year?

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PES is miles ahead of Fifa for me, always has been. The addition of MLO took it that step further too, such a fantastic mode (Outside the usual cheap players).

Watched the video yesterday, oh my goodness at the two goals around the minute mark, beautiful. Absolutley love that they've finally worked on the Dynamic Touch stuff, the layoff chests and first time touches look lovely so far.

Manual shooting in, fantastic and it should offer way more freedom now. I'd expect it'll be tough to master, but when you do it'll be something you can reap the rewards with, cant wait to try that.

Dribbling system is made to look awesome, sure it'll be hard as fuck to master to the levels they've shown though, could be great.

Overall great build up so far. 2012 was a massive step in a great direction IMO. With a few more additions and changes this could be an outstanding game. I'd still really love to see the officials improved (For instance you can do twenty niggly fouls with one player in 2012 and not get booked. I'd like to see them finally implement something so after two or three of those a player can get a yellow.) Also, keeper cards must be sorted. A keeper can do a blatant red card foul, yet 99.9% of the time it's a yellow in 2012.

And for the love of god include all players for MLO. It's bizarre that Ronaldinho and others are in the game but cant be used in MLO. If they're still active and in the game, just include them.

Pumped for this, cant wait for the demo. Have they announced a release date for the game yet? I guess it'll be the same time as always? Last time I looked they hadn't mentioned anything.

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I imagine the release date will be the around the same time as last year, but with a demo expected next month, maybe they're looking to release the game before FIFA for once?

I still really enjoy 2012. I guess you'll always get the guys who just "get" the enjoyment of PES, and others who'll completely write it off and choose FIFA, which is up to them. I've just never really felt any sort of randomness about the FIFA gameplay like I do with PES. Players make genuine mistakes, and not just fall over a downed player like in FIFA to completely con you. And finally breaking a side down and scoring a goal, no matter how scrappy, will always be more satisfying in PES, without a doubt.

timmy's point about the rubber-banding is a good one, but I think it'll always be there one way or another. I really don't mind the AI carving me open and scoring a good goal, it's when they run down the middle and win a cheap free-kick, then put it in the top corner that it annoys me.

I've even set up a Euro 2012 tournament to play through with England and their proper squad - should be fun (and quite a short tournament, if the friendlies I've played with them are anything to go by!)

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Players make genuine mistakes, and not just fall over a downed player like in FIFA to completely con you.

Well, except AI defense, who can't clear properly to save their digital lives.

Really the most annoying "randomness" in FIFA is most prevalent in Career Mode, when you can be wide open and ready to finish a brilliant attack and OW OW OW MY FUCKING ANKLE CALL THE PHYSIO. I might try PES (or at least a demo) if there's much less of that.

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The only instances of cheating AI that's still noticeable in the newer games is when they draw a free kick from 35yds or closer. It'll always go in if it suits the cpu at the time. If you're 3-0 up, chances are it'll be put over the bar.

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