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Madden 13 Rookie League


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Hey Rookie...

Welcome to the NFL

The Rookies:

D. Higgins, QB, NY Jets

L. Sieval, WR, Houston

J. Tebow, QB, Minnesota

S. Jerdusky, WR, Oakland

A. Dawson, TE, Chicago

R. Steel, HB, New England

S. Pooop, HB, Arizona

D. Marriotti, HB, Indianapolis

H. Danger, QB, Jacksonville


Pre-Season Week 2:

Bengals @ Falcons

Lions @ Ravens

Colts (D. Marriotti) @ Steelers

Eagles @ Patriots (R. Steel)

Bills @ Vikings (J. Tebow)

Browns @ Packers

Cowboys @ Chargers

Jaguars (H. Danger) @ Saints

Chiefs @ Rams

Dolphins @ Panthers

Giants @ Jets (D. Higgins)

Oakland (S. Jerdusky) @ Cardinals (S. Pooop)

49ers @ Texans (L. Sieval)

Seahawks @ Broncos

Titans @ Buccaneers

Redskins @ Bears (A. Dawson)

Pre-Season Week 1:

Packers 38-30 Chargers

Cowboys 17-27 Raiders (H. Danger)

Cardinals (S. Pooop) 20-26 Chiefs

Ravens 29-25 Falcons

Browns 24-34 Lions

Broncos 28-7 Bears (A. Dawson)

Texans (L. Sieval) @20-10 Panthers

Vikings (J. Tebow) 18-20 49ers

Saints 24-27 Patriots (R. Steel)

Giants 24-12 Jaguars (H. Danger)

Jets (D. Higgins) 20-19 Bengals

Steelers @ Eagles

Rams 12-31 Colts (D. Marriotti)

Buccaneers 41-20 Dolphins

Redskins 24-27 Bills

Titans 21-63 Seahawks

Sign-up info:

Because quite a lot of people here have Madden this year and because Online Connected Careers allows for so much diversity, I've decided to run a QB Rookie league for players on offense.

If you want in, just fill in the small form below.

You'll then be PM'd with league details as well as which team you'll be selected to play for... if you're drafted that is ;)


Position/Type (see spoiler):

If QB then QB Type: (Balanced/Pocket Passer/Strong Arm/Field General/West Coast)

If HB then HB Type: (Balanced/Speed/Power Back/Once Cut/Receiving)

If WR then WR Type: (Balanced/Speed/Quick Route Runner/Red Zone Threat/Possession)

If TE then TE Type: (Balanced/Receiving/Vertical Threat)




I'll start:

Name: Dan Higgins

Gamertag: Danhufc

Position/Type: Pocket Passer QB

College: Rutgers

Age: 23

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Do we need to create someone then? Can we play as a pro?

Thats the awesome thing about Connected Careers online this year, you could easily have 32 guys in the league and all play your own created Rookie QB in the league to see who is the very best.

And that makes me very annoyed not to have gold now, because I would love this and to take the Eagles to their first Super Bowl win.

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Good afternoon to the first batch of the EWB NFL Rookie class of 2012.

As you're aware the 2012 NFL draft is now over

Dan Higgins, you've been selected in the 7th round of the 2012 NFL Draft as Mr Irrelevant by the New York Jets, you'll be backing up started Mark Sanchez and his backup Tim Tebow. You'll be expected to challenge Greg McElroy for the 3rd spot on the depth chart by the end of pre-season.

(Select high drafted when creating player)

Jim Tebow, you've been selected by the Minnesota Vikings in the 6th round of the 2012 NFL Draft!

You'll be battling it out with Joe Webb and Sage Rosenfels to back up Christian Ponder going into your rookie season but if you perform well, you could be challenging for a starter spot as part of a weak QB corps.

(Select low drafted when creating player)

Ryan Steel, you've been selected in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. You'll be expected to compete with started Danny Woodhead in your rookie season as well as hold of the challenge of Shane Vereen, Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden during pre-season. As a first round pick you'll be under pressure to perform in you're first season.

(Select high drafted when creating player)

Davide Marriotti, sadly you haven't been drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft however a number of teams are interested in taking you as free-agent. The Indianapolis Colts, the Green Bay Packers and the Detriot Lions have all invited you to try out during off-season as an undrafted free-agent, if you could please respond selecting which team you would like to try out for.

(Select udfa when creating player)

Good luck!

Hopefully we can get some more sign ups in, I'll be PMing league details today to everyone mention in this post but it'd be nice if we could get at least 4 more.

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