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Your favourite "supporting cast" characters

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So, I just finished Virtue's Last Reward and I was left really liking the character of Phi. She's one of the more major characters in the game but is not the MAIN character.

So what supporting characters in games do you really like - small roles are great, "part of the gang" roles or eve sidekicks are fine too.

So as I said, I really like the character of Phi. She's quirky (in a good way) but holds the story together well whilst maintaining her mystery.



The other characters I can think of right now are also women.

Jack in Mass Effect because she's tough, has attitude and is sexy for a game character. Also I included her for most levels because her powers were great.



The third character is Uncharted's Chloe Frazer, mostly because Claudia Black does her voice and she was a far spunkier sidekick than Elena. I always hoped Nate would go for her instead of Elena who was more annoying.


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I too echo the love for Jack and Thane from ME..plus Garrus. Garrus was someone I always had in my party. Spoilers for later in ME3..

That scene where Sheppard and Garrus are in that section of the Citadel..shooting bottles to see who is the better shot...I let Garrus win, because I felt a connection to him

I actually preferred Elena in Uncharted, because I kinda have a crush on Emily Rose :wub:

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