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Batman: Arkham Origins


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Both games were fantastic, I'm well up for another game in the series. Not too sure theres a need for a prequel, but I suppose if it gives us another reason to romp around Gotham I'm happy.

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Ugh, just don't be open world. I really felt the fun of Arkham Asylum was lost without the more linear structure. Arkham Asylum I wanted to play again, Arkham City I nearly didn't finish at all.

This. I didn't really enjoy City at all, it just seemed a bit, I dunno, busy. Like it was trying to be both a sandbox and a not-a-sandbox game all at the same time. It just felt a bit confused.

Asylum though? Asylum was lovely.

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It's a shame that WB had gone off on their own without Rocksteady so there's no guarantee it's going to be as good as Asylum and City. I hope it is though.

Yeah, this. When I initially heard that Rocksteady wasn't developing Origins it made me skeptical. I don't think WB Games Montreal has developed a game on their own yet, have they? Just ported games - Arkham City port for Mac, stuff like that. I guess we'll see.

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I've heard talk that Rocsteady is still involved with Arkham universe, and will develop the sequel to City, and this game is just a stopgap until that to keep fans interested (similar to what was done with Assasins Creed)

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