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The Pokémon Watch-Along


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So, for those of you unaware, a few months ago the Pokémon company released an official app for Android and iPhone which allows users to watch Pokémon episodes absolutely free and legally. So, after very little encouragement in the Coin-Op Pokémon thread, I figured... let's go for another Watch-Along that'll probably last one week!!

To download the app go here for Android, and here for iOS. I'll just leave Pikachu here to entertain you whilst you download them.


So, starting this week the app has Episode #1-#5 on it, which means we can all watch together! 5 new episodes are added each week, and stay on for a fortnight. So let's get watching!

What will we be watching this week?

Episode 1: Pokémon, I Choose You
Episode 2: Pokémon Emergency

Episode 3: Ash Catches a Pokémon

Episode 4: Challenge of the Samurai

Episode 5: Showdown in Pewter City

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I'm down for this. I actually started watching it from the start a few years ago and got pretty far. Don't think I managed all the way to the Pokemon League, but around the time Ash caught a million Tauros. Dunno how long I'll stay on board because it may be a case that they're still too fresh in my memory, but I'd definitely be interested in jumping in later if not. I can't remember anything about the Johto series and have never seen any episodes following that.

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Can someone help me remember who my favorite Pokemon was? I remember he joined Team Rocket but just annoyed the hell out of them all the time. Hope thats enough to help



I am ridiculously all for this.

Personally I think everyone should watch all 5, but if we're picking 1 I'll go for #3 Ash Catches A Pokémon. It's one of the few episodes I missed out when recording them on CITV.

Awful phrasing on my part, I meant those as a preview of what's free to watch this week, not that we'd vote on it. I figure an hour and forty minutes a week is easy. People can literally just watch on their lunch at work, in bed, or whatever since it's on their mobile.

As a side note, I should say that all other regions are also on the app, but since Kanto (the first region) is starting this week, I figured we'd focus just on that for now.

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Just the other day I stumbled upon some videos on YouTube that compiled all the Gym Battles and the Pokemon League. Bloody Ash, chancing his way through all his badges. :shifty:

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Ash, James and Meowth's original voices are wayyyy too offputting in these early episodes. Also the same reason I can't stand watching the new series episodes because THAT ISN'T HOW ASH TALKS.

I think I much prefer Ash's voice in the newer seasons, but I think going from watching the ones with the new voice actor and going back to Kanto episodes, which at the time I hadn't seen in probably a decade, was probably a factor.

I would gladly do a watch along if I can find the time, because the anime is actually pretty nice. Especially the D/P saga with Paul, because I actually HATED a character in the anime on a personal level rather than just someone who is annoying as fuck (basically Team Rocket a lot in the Kanto, well, I guess ANY series where they get shoved in just to try and steal Pikachu).

Episodes 3 and 4, though. Just brings me right back to Bye Bye Butterfree :(

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