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EWB F.C. (PS4 FIFA 15 Pro Club)


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Fifa 15 is just around the corner and many of us have already expressed an interest in a virtual pro club this season. Hopefully we can get a decent amount to join and a healthy rotation to play regularly. For starters, if you plan to get Fifa 15 on PS4 and fancy taking part, reply with your PSN ID and where you're from/what time zone you're in so we can have a better idea of who can play and when. Any ideas or preferences you have for team name, logo, kits, stadium name etc. post those as well. When the game comes out I'll set us up and invite everybody to the club.


European Time Zones


3. TCO - Gofloinn

4. Captain New JaPenn - Hurricane_Frank

7. unitedツ - JamieHolloway

8. alldawson - GoPlayAdam
9. Arjen Robben - JonathanCAB88
10. Baddar - Badd-um-tsch
28. Jeriego Costa - Codebreaker1004
44. Whisper - (no PSN ID yet)
49. Lionel RichTea - Rich__H

63. Eddie G - EddieFnGrant010

Stevie B - Stevie_Bizzle

North American Time Zones


6. Willmatic - ornatemustache

11. LL - LLRocks

Szumi - PolishHammah



16. brenchill - bren564

Pepsi Twist - pepsitwist273

R.W. - paulk1980m

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http://www.futhead.com/15/items/kits/ is a good tool for sourcing kits. You can put in the colours you like and it will narrow it down. Not sure if you get to pick from all of those in clubs, I was never manager to get a chance to look at all that stuff.

EDIT: Oh, guess it doesn't. It did last year. :/

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I should be in from launch. PSN's Hurricane_Frank and I'm GMT. Mostly be able to play 9 till 1ish.

I like the name as it is. If you want to stick with orange there's a few other kits that would do the job. Or if we want to differentiate from the other team I like some of the green/black jerseys or there's some decent blue strips if you want to reflect the boards mobile skin.

Don't mind venue, although I suggest the new Manchester United 2-3-5 formation for tactics.

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