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Jazzy Jeff and P.Diddy do sample a lot. But then, so does hip-hops new golden boy Kanye West.

Rather than one's I don't like, I'll list a few that I do like.

Nas - Thief's Theme (Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida)

Tupac - Starin' Through My Rear View (Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight)

Canibus - Genabis (Candyman Theme)

Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious BIG (Duran Duran - Notorious)

Joe Budden - Big Shot (Billy Joel - Big Shot)

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Since I'm too lazy to name songs

The Libertines sounds an awful-lot like Blur

Weezer rips Pixies

Puddle of Mudd rips Alice In Chains

The Strokes rips The Clash

The Hives rips The Rolling Stones

The Vines rips Nirvana

Jet rips off Iggy pop, The Beatles.... and I forgot someone here...

The Datsuns rips Mudhoney

Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Blink 182 rip Green Day

Coldplay rips Radiohead.

That's all I can think of, and how it sounds to other bands.

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I want to shoot anyone who either works with P. Diddy on re-using one of their songs or lets him do so. Sean Combs is an okay producer, but a shit artist, and tends to ruin things by making `guest appearances' in songs and videos by the artists he produces. (The ONLY songs of his I liked were Bad Boys For Life (and that's mainly because Dave Navarro plays on it), Victory, and that one he did with Murphy Lee and Nelly (Shake Ya Tailfeather, I think its called))

So anything that P. Diddy\Puff Daddy\whatever the fuck he calls himself is involved with is automatically on my hate list.

nothing pissed me off more than when (F)Eminem took the beat--hell, the whole fuckin song for Dream On by Aerosmith...I hated him then more than ever.

Ah, I forgot about that one.

Other honourable mentions go to Kid Rock's American Bad Ass who undoubtedly stole the riff to Metallica's Sad But True. That's not to say Metallica themselves haven't done they're fair share of the stealing...Megadeth, anyone?

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Jet rips off Iggy pop, The Beatles.... and I forgot someone here...

The white stripes? When i heard their first song i was like, fucki this sounds alot like the stripes, few weeks later my bro tells me to come listen to their new song, bam, it sounded like a beatles cover-band. Dont know about the iggy pop reference, but their first two songs (that i heard), were very different in style , that is one sounding like a stripes rip-off and the others a beatles rip-off,

in conclusion...

Fuck Dukes

and Jet

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Guest Angry Baboon

That new Green Day song sounds a lot like 'White Riot' by the Clash to me, but I've only heard it once so I'm probably completely off.

The riff to Radiohead's "Karma Police" is almost EXACTLY the same as the Beatles "Sexy Sadie".

I can't be bothered to find any rap songs.

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