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Offside, My Short Film


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We've finally completed Offside, which is my new short film. I'm so thankful for the support we received on this forum during the fundraising and filmmaking process. As we want to submit the film to festivals, we have to keep the film private for a year or so, much like we did with Charity, my last film. If anyone is interested in watching the film, please drop me a PM or a comment in here and I'll give you the link and password because I'd absolutely love for you to see it.

We've had some nice responses from industry professionals when we showed it at BAFTA a few weeks ago, but I'm under no illusions that I still have so much to learn, and there's already so much I'd change in the execution of the film. Either way, I'm happy with my progress for my age, and I hope to be able to keep making films, even though I have to go out into the real world now. I'd love any feedback whatsoever from anyone who watches it, and it'd be cool if people wanted to discuss it in here or not. 

Either way, thanks again for all the support! And if any of you want to watch it, hope you get something out of it. 



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Congratulations Jimmy Dean! I would love to see it, ill watch it when I get back home if you hit me up with the deets. Very happy for you dude hope it does well.

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Just watched it, and I was left wanting more. Well done, Jimmy. Favourite part was...

When she was all "oh FUCK OFF already" after being pushed over.


Not really in a qualified position to say this was good, this was bad etc., but I know I enjoyed it.

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Hey, you guys should all watch Offside. It's pretty fucking good.

What this guy said. I think you did a great job of telling a very compact story and same as Baddar I was not expecting it to finish so soon, could have watched more very happily. Awesome job! More people should watch.

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