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Meacon Keaton

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8 hours ago, Leave It To Forky said:

I saw this and was excited...then realized this wasn't stock cars :( 

One of the guys from Greydogsoftware was creating a Stock Car Manager game a year or so ago, dunno how far along that is.

Personally i'm cautiously optimistic about the game, and I do hope it has some legs for the future because it's about time we got a new proper F1 simulator like we had back with GPM2 and GPW

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A few youtubers gotten preview copies of the game. and I'm already afraid that the game might be a bit too easy, at least on the lowest level. I seen a guy (Aarava) make multiple grave mistakes during a race, and his drivers still comfortably finished 1 and 2. He barely did any management either, and at one point had sent a driver out on an old set of tires that forced said driver to pit again literally one lap later. And still that driver came in first despite having one extra pit-stop, it was that much of a dead-duck race.

Of course, part of me hopes this is part of the preview, and/or there's a difficulty setting somewhere that doesn't mean you're gonna 1-2 many races unless you go full Mercedes F1 and make the best racing car ever built. And it won't prevent me from playing this game when it comes out. But I do hope there's a decent difficulty for all skill levels, and allow me to actually have to slum it in the mid-table if I'm not good enough or if the car/team isn't there.

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It's out!

Much more difficult than the preview version and so far it's a lot of fun. Like a much more upscaled version of the mobile game, which is what I'd expect really. Development bits and the politics stuff is a lot of fun and in-game strategy is really hard to master. Car setup is also much, much better too. Enjoying it quite a bit, only five races in mind.

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Won my first race finally, in Race #7 of the season with Octane. What's cool is that a strategy that worked for me in this race (trying to do one less stop than the AI) didn't work the race before, so it's not like there's one easy way to win. Probably gonna let go my other driver though, my girl (Dreyfuss) is kicking his ass in every race so far, bar the one where she got hit *twice* and had to get two replacement rear wings.

EDIT: Oh, and the politics is really annoying. Our best part is probably our Gearbox, so naturally we lose the vote for Spec Gearboxes in 2017.

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