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  1. Charlie Morton to Tampa Bay. 2 years $30 mill
  2. Yeah, I'm over Realmuto, but I would love to see Grandal in a Mets uniform. I'm really just wondering how/why the Marlins are valuing Realmuto the way they are. He's not a Piazza-type, and they're asking for a big return. He's barely even put up better numbers than Charles Johnson, who is the only notable Marlins catcher other than Pudge. I'd be interested to see if he ends up being traded or gets stuck with Miami.
  3. Apparently, Miami and LA were working on a deal to send Realmuto to the Dodgers, but the hangup came when the Dodgers wouldn't send Bellinger in return. It's almost like they over value Realmuto 🤔
  4. I'm gonna lose my shit if the Mets deal Syndergaard just to get back Realmuto.
  5. I was coming in here to post about that. It's so sad. The infrastructure down there is so bad. I feel like every offseason, we hear about at least one player in South America dying in a car crash or something. Terrible.
  6. I feel like the D-Backs could have gotten more than they did for Goldy.
  7. Corbin to the Nats on a 6-year deal, pending physical
  8. This is what the NHL divisions will look like after Seattle joins. I still think Nashville could easily move to the Eastern Conference if they swapped places with Detroit.
  9. Watching the Mets' press conference introducing Canó and Dìaz. They look good in those Mets unis (but everyone does, those colors are 👌). From a fan point of view, really happy to have Dìaz around, and I look forward to hopefully getting some good results from Canó. Seems like BVW might have other moves in mind, after he said that he "didn't make this move just to have it be our last move," and I'm just hoping that they A) don't involve trading Syndergaard, and B) give us some good power to put in our lineup. I'm going to go ahead and be cautiously optimistic.
  10. I read a rumor that the Mets are also talking to the Indians about a trade for Corey Kluber, which sounds great, but also makes me worry about who they'd potentially give up. Mets also need to pick up a bat or two. Ideally, I'd love if the Mets could get Harper and Grandal. I know it's probably a long shot, but I'd love to see Harper as a Met. I'm not sure where he'd even fit into the lineup, but I've always liked Marwin Gonzalez, and I think he would be a good Met, too.
  11. Following up on the Marlins: new jerseys look almost the same as the old one except there are blue ones now. https://twitter.com/Marlins/status/1063431843733635073?s=20
  12. So, so, so happy about DeGrom being Cy Young 😍 Marlins have new logo and colors (in spoilers bc of size) Colors are listed officially as Caliente Red, Miami Blue, Midnight Black, and Slate Grey. Kinda sorta reminds me of the Heat's Vice jerseys Probably won't happen, but it'd be interesting to see an all-black road or alternate uniform that looked something like this.
  13. I like them both, but this one is perfect! Thanks a bunch, guys!

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