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  1. Following up on the Marlins: new jerseys look almost the same as the old one except there are blue ones now. https://twitter.com/Marlins/status/1063431843733635073?s=20
  2. So, so, so happy about DeGrom being Cy Young 😍 Marlins have new logo and colors (in spoilers bc of size) Colors are listed officially as Caliente Red, Miami Blue, Midnight Black, and Slate Grey. Kinda sorta reminds me of the Heat's Vice jerseys Probably won't happen, but it'd be interesting to see an all-black road or alternate uniform that looked something like this.
  3. I like them both, but this one is perfect! Thanks a bunch, guys!
  4. Hi everybody! Would somebody be able to mock up a banner for an upcoming diary I'd like to pursue? Looking for a banner that says WWF Split, preferably in the middle, perhaps in the style of the most recent Spike TV logo.. Hoping to have the left side, the Raw is War side, be red and black, and the right side, the Smackdown side, be blue and black, which each brands logo in the background if possible. Would love it if I could get attitude-era version of Undertaker, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, and British Bulldog/Davey Boy Smith on the Raw side, and The Rock, Ken Shamrock, a DX version of Triple H, and Chris Jericho on the Smackdown side. Thank you in advance. Any help given is greatly appreciated.
  5. I think I'm okay with Brodie as GM. Hoping he puts his foot down and makes sure guys like DeGrom her locked down so we can actually win. I don't know what I expected, but in Brodie's interview with Mike Francesca, Mike came off like a total douche. Brodie sounds like he believes in our guys, and I guess I can appreciate that. Hoping for a much better 2019.
  6. This game is still going! Almost 3AM on the East Coast. I went to bed at 9ish, wake up just now, and game is still on.
  7. I'd rather not root for the Dodgers in the World Series, so to prepare myself, I'll be watching the Utley slide on repeat and listening to Yankee fans talk about how much they hate Boston.
  8. Uncle Phil was Shredder on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  9. John Afford to the Dodgers Possibly Jonathan Schoop to the Brewers
  10. Pirates gave up some big pieces to get Archer 😯
  11. This is a really solid tweet thread about the whole situation with these idiot players and their tweets.
  12. I had this in an old pic pack. I didn't make it.

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