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  1. I ended up pushing on and going for a second playthrough, with mixed results but I've committed to it now. Ended up making this video like an hour longer than it otherwise would have been!
  2. Well I forgot to tell anyone I was streaming today, and as a result when my mic cut out after five minutes there was no one around to tell me to fix it until like twenty minutes later, but shut up I'm new at this!
  3. Well I was playing on Normal and I don't think I did too terribly. But hey, judge for yourself!
  4. Well I gave in and let Overlady choose the first game, so it's going to be NieR: Automata. I have no idea why she picked that and I will probably be terrible at it, but there you go. Hoping to start it later this evening.
  5. I know you're trolling but I actually might set one up at some point. I'm actually thinking of starting with one longish one to help me get into things, then a bunch of short ones to get the numbers up.
  6. Crazy as it may sound, I sometimes get the impression that some of you don't have my best interests at heart.
  7. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel then! I'm still working out exactly how I'm going to put stuff on there. This shit is going to take me forever as it is without you making it more needlessly complicated. (Might do this anyway but Football Manager will hopefully be some way down the list).
  8. That's something I'll have to come up with as I go along, but for something like FM, I reckon finishing a season or something probably. I've already told myself I'm not going to play every game in a series if they're all basically the same game, though.
  9. A few weeks back I hit over a thousand games in my Steam library and was forced to either promise myself not to buy any more or promise myself to actually play the ones I've already bought (most of which I have not). So with that in mind, I've set myself what I call the 1000 Game Challenge: 1) Play 1000 games. 2) Stream it on Twitch and Youtube to increase the judgment I will feel if I fail. 3) If I can't complete a game, it doesn't count towards the total. So I've reactivated my long dormant Twitch channel and I thought I'd track my progress in here as well with you, my dear EWB friends and also @9 to 5. So whether you want to help me choose what game to play next or just make fun of me for being bad at games, come join me, won't you? I've linked to the list of available games up there and I've already got a pretty good idea of what I want to play first, but any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I've never been able to get into Firefly, although I suspect that might have something to do with the people I was playing with. The concept is cool but in practice every game dragged on for like six hours until we collectively agreed to call it a draw.
  11. Always wanted to try playing about with something like this to see how it worked, thanks
  12. Is PantherFan59, like, some kind of Twitterbot who just puts sentences together out of bits of other EWB posts?

    1. Sousa


      Are they a fan of the Carolina Panthers or just one particular panther, like there's this really keen-looking leopard at the zoo?


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