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  1. Awesome episode again. As someone who really enjoys the Watchmen, but isn't a hardcore lore nutter, I really like they have expanded on a riveting world.
  2. Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a really fun time waster for a few hours.
  3. Just finished Man in the High Castle. I feel they had to rush it at the end as they tried to get too much into the last season.
  4. Bad North is free on Epic Games. It's an awesome game. Highly recommend people grab it.
  5. I might have missed the discussion, but has anyone seen Years and Years? Episode 4
  6. The two opening Formula E races were really good.
  7. Damn. I might start playing again given all the time I have on hand. I really got into Don't Starve when it first came out. I own all the plushes and accessories, and miniature figures and stuff. I might look at selling them as collectibles.
  8. I only managed to get two of them. *shrugs*
  9. Love that game. I just lose track of what I need to do after coming back to it on a save, so get frustrated and stop playing.
  10. I didn't realise Bumbo is basically in Alpha stage. Have come across a whole heap of bugs. Just had to close the game because it got stuck.
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