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  1. Don't they start off most seasons doing really well? I'm sure they'll slip up at some point...
  2. 49% have voted for the 9271 capacity Brisbane Road.
  3. This is the game which may finally convince me to get a PS4.
  4. Get rid of Luiz and send Bakayoko out on loan would be my choice. In retrospect, bringing in Green seems like a great call.
  5. As soon as he steps outside the city limits he doesn't feel so good. It's a nightmare for away games.
  6. The trouble is actually getting a replacement. Everyone and their mother will know how desperate we are for a new keeper so any transfer fees will probably double if we ask, and I'd still sooner have a gutless, unmotivated Golden Glove winner between the sticks than two of the biggest World Cup blundering goalies of all time.
  7. I'm all for bringing in a replacement and letting him rot for a year at this point.
  8. Season 1 of That 70s Show is pretty well put together.
  9. Being two transfer windows away from his ideal squad won't mean much to Mourinho when he's sacked in early December because United are wallowing in the bottom half despite having an undeniably world class lineup which should be battling for the top spot.
  10. Go UC Irvine! Undefeated in 53 seasons.
  11. Journalist: What did you think of the lamp post you walked into on your way here? AW: I didn't see it. *scoffs a doner kebab*
  12. Simultaneously the best and worst kits I've ever seen.
  13. Trying to intentionally finish third in the Champions League group stage is actually quite difficult. I've already won the CL twice with Norwich in my Ferguson challenge but I'm yet to win the Europa League (runner up once), so I need to drop down into it for another shot. Trouble is, I'd quite like to get a few more PL league titles out of the way because I'm only on 3 and need to reach 13 for RL Fergie and 15 for the FM version. If I can't top the league I'd genuinely rather finish 5th/6th/lower + a cup win, preferably the FA Cup because I've smashed the LC and won it six years in a row.
  14. Is it better to maintain tactical consistency or adapt them on a match by match basis? EDIT - Also player strengths. Obviously the stronger they are in a role/duty the better, but they don't always match up with my assistant's recommendations.

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