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  1. Doctor Who

    I'm listening to the audio from the lost 'Marco Polo' serial and its really disappointing that the entire serial is probably gone. Its been really interesting and makes me more curious than ever about the Big Finish audio productions.
  2. What kind of music do you like?

    Cascada are my personal favourite but all the top cheesy eurodance hits can be found on my Spotify.
  3. What kind of music do you like?

    Also pop punk with a strong preference towards ska punk. My wider listening tastes extend through pretty much anything which can be defined as rock, punk, or metal (excluding harsher vocals). Eurodance is my guilty pleasure.
  4. Crusader Kings II

    In a weird position right now in a Karling challenge where I'm at war with the King of Aquitaine, the rightful Capet ruler of France, and their allies Denmark to reclaim my brother's right to the Aquitainian Duchy of Aquitaine (I'm the French Duke of Berry). At the same time, France is at war against the Norman revolt and are receiving help from their allies, also Denmark. So I'm simultaneously fighting and allied with the Danish armies currently floating about the French counties. EDIT - Oh also my other brother, the Duke of Gascogne, and is currently rebelling against Aquitaine for independence so I have to avoid his armies because we're considered belligerent for some reason.
  5. Football Manager 2017

    My Leicester 13/14 season saw a slightly worse finish in the league; dropping down 2 points and 2 places compared to the season before with 58pts for an 8th place finish. A 2nd consecutive cup run saw us add the FA Cup to the previous season's League Cup and scrape another year in Europe. Defence and midfield have both been bolstered with Gokhan Gonul, Roland Juhasz, Mario Suarez, Alejandro Bedoya, and Juraj Kucka all signing pre-contracts. I finally also managed to secure Danny Wilson after his Liverpool contract expired. My midfield tactics are also seeing a bit of a shakeup this season, with wider playing options being tested out for the first time after I brought in Vladimir Weiss in on loan from Liverpool and then signed Danny from Chelsea to act as his left-side counterpart, as well as Connor Wickham on loan from Sunderland as an all round backup for the attacking positions and an option to sign him permanently for my final season. Finally, I'm hoping for great things up front having Lukaku from the start of the season after he definitely made a difference from the January transfer window last season. I'm not expecting to meet the goal of winning the Premier League with just two seasons left to do so, but it seems that adding a different trophy to the cabinet each season so far has been enough to get me noticed by the FA as I just applied for, and was subsequently offered, the England job after Fabio Capello retired. Because of this, I'm extending my run to include Euro 2016, and possibly also the upcoming World Cup just out of curiosity. The pipedream right now would be to capture the Europa League trophy this season, win the Euros with England in 2016, take the Premier League in 2017, and the World Cup in 2018, and the Champion's League in 2018 or 2019 to make it a different trophy each season over eight years.
  6. What bands do you hate?

    The difference there is you didn't define yourself as a metalhead as though it was the single most important aspect of your identity. I like Papa Roach too, up to Time for Annihilation at least, as I'm not familiar with stuff after that.
  7. What bands do you hate?

    If anyone told me they were a metalhead, and then followed up with Papa Roach or Limp Bizkit as their favourite band, I'd laugh at them. Never heard the term before "metaller" though.
  8. What bands do you hate?

    Arctic Monkeys. There seems to have been some weird cult-like obsession with them amongst a good proportion of university-aged males for the last 5 years at least, and they serve as the flagship band promoted by the "indie/alternative/pop punk" night at the only club in Norwich I've ever really enjoyed. Over the last year its made being there go from "I'll be ok if I avoid the main room" to "I can't stand it anywhere here now" and haven't been on a Friday for a month; probably my longest voluntary break since I started going out regularly.
  9. Doctor Who

    Doing a watch through from the very first serial up to at least the end of the original run. I've only seen a handful of Hartnell's episodes, and even less Troughton thanks to the missing episodes, but I'm already preferring it much more than the modern series thanks to the episodic nature of each serial ending with cliffhangers, natural transitions into the next adventure, and the relatively bitesize episode length fitting perfectly into my lunch break.
  10. Favorite TV Show themes

    I came in here to say this and am beginning to think that a wrestling company ran by the two of us would either be the greatest thing in creation or so filled with niche pop culture references that we wouldn't have an audience outside of EWB.
  11. Football Manager 2017

    Things weren't looking great at the start of my second season in the top flight despite a flurry of high level signings including David Ospina on a free and Thibault Courtois in for £7.5m to oust Kasper Schmiechel and leave Andy King as my sole remaining original squad member. We've been solid enough at the back that only the two Manchester clubs have conceded less, but our low scoriing rate leaves a disappointing goal difference. I had presumed that bringing in Adebayor on loan would see him replicate the amazing 21 goals in 35 games for Man City in the season just passed, but just 1 goal in 17 starts saw me do everything in my power to bring Lukaku over from Chelsea as my only January signing, eventually having a £20.5m offer accepted, before shipping Adebayor back to the Etihad. I had to sell 4 first team challengers and loan out 5 squad players just to afford it but the benefits are already showing, and we're only a week into February. Things are currently looking up as we overtake Everton to grab 7th place and a 1 game advantage. We're still knocking about in the FA Cup and Europe, with a 5th round home tie against West Brom and 1st knockout round Europa League matches against Rangers leaving me confident of progression in both cups. They aren't a priority but do provide valuable match time for Courtois and outfield rotation. Importantly, Lukaku is already on 5 goals in 6 games across all competitions so our goalscoring worries should be over. I'm hoping to at least match last season's final position of 6th before making a challenge for a top 4 spot in the penultimate season to attract even more world class players for that final attempt at the top spot.
  12. The New Kit Thread

    "Nike make the best kits. No one in the history of kit making has ever made better kits than Nike." - Donald Trump, probably.
  13. Football Manager 2017

    I wouldn't be surprised if they use the same system as last year announced with some sort of sarcastic comment criticism the government's inability to make a concrete plan, depending on their political persuasion.
  14. Crusader Kings II

    Quite surprised that my current chaste homosexual character has managed to have six children between two wives so far.