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  1. I'd rather not tbh. Keep Giroud around and don't bother sending Batshuayi or Abraham out on loan for the umpteenth time. I'm sure one of the three can develop something resembling form long enough to keep us challenging for Europe until the ban ends. Giroud is at least a better fit than Higuain and the other two would hopefully want to prove a point that they actually belong in the team after being shipped out year on year.
  2. Me and @stokeriño will be over here hoping that we at least get something out of this year's summer window 😕
  3. Wolves doing Chelsea a solid. Now for City to convert to make it three for three please. Just a shame that the Burnley game was squandered to make it a fight for 3rd place rather than a scrap for 4th.
  4. The question is will Chelsea Spurs it or will they SPURS~! it?
  5. Messi 2-1 Ronaldo is the only score that matters now tonight, right? I suppose the other 42 players at least deserve participation trophies.
  6. Trigger Happy Raheem Denies 550 Paying Fans Match Tickets
  7. I really like the look of that England away kit.
  8. Nightwish - End of an Era
  9. Academy Shows take place to highlight less experienced wrestlers and give them a chance to get some match time in front of a crowd, but do feature main roster performers when they're around. Using the February shows would be a good call since it includes the February tour. That said, I'd be able to provide a much more accurate split of the roster/s (Bellatrix too) as I've been working on that myself recently. Shall we PM?
  10. WAW shows in 2019 can be found here. Any women's matches can be considered as Bellatrix matches.
  11. Someone hasn't been keeping up with the news and actually meant to put Wembley.
  12. Yeah I'm expecting something ridiculous like City to turn it around and win 5-2.
  13. It'll be interesting to see who gets the Brexit bragging rights of being the first English team to exit Europe (Burnley didn't get through the qualifying stages so they don't count ).
  14. Why did you post a picture of John Dark though?
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