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  1. My screen fits CM01/02, FM05, and FM09 to allow for simultaneous play. My missus has titled it "the saddest thing I've ever seen you do". I reckon I could get two more of the older CM games going in the space underneath...
  2. Bit unfair on the other teams that they're allowed to have the entire Valencia squad as right-backs.
  3. Man Utd -> Juventus -> Man Utd -> Juventus would certainly be an interesting career path. Has anyone ever bounced between two clubs like that? I know Kris Boyd comes close with three spells at Kilmarnock and two spells at Rangers, but at least there were a few other clubs involved in the middle of his career.
  4. Discovering that Creeper re-surfaced towards the end of last year and have a new album coming out this year was a nice little find the other day. I'm also hoping that the new Delain and ADTR albums are up to scratch. Not as fussed by the upcoming Breaking Benjamin and Evanescence albums but I'll still give them a go once they're released. The last few years have been a little bit disappointing in terms of new album releases, be it very little to look forward to or looking forward to something which ends up being underwhelming. Let's hope that 2020 breaks that trend.
  5. I'd much prefer Champion's League football to be on free-to-air, but I'm not sure I understand the reasoning of that last sentence...
  6. Another joke of a VAR decision against West Ham. On top of that, wasn't there a Liverpool goal shortly after the ball hit VVD on the arm which counted a week or two ago?
  7. How does Gedson Fernandes compare to Gelson Fernandes? Emile Smith Rowe sounds like an FM regen.
  8. Those were the only two I knew too.
  9. I think it's remained more balanced than Yu-Gi-Oh did. My girlfriend also got me back into the cards a little bit, mainly completing my original set collections but also, to a lesser extent, playing against her with some of my leftover cards and her newer decks. Meanwhile, with Yu-Gi-Oh, my former flatmate reliably informs me that a typical game ends in the third turn if Player 2 can't counter what Player 1 set to start things off.
  10. Maybe it's to show that Italian football isn't racist? Until the inevitable racist chants target him, anyway. I agree that Man Utd need to prioritise offloading Jones, Matic, and Lingard though. They're all the butt of jokes which shouldn't still be a thing.
  11. I saw a Chelsea one and thought I had a chance... searched the player and I've never even heard of him.
  12. I think the last England B game was in 07 or 08. I'd love a B-team international tournament.
  13. Genuinely considering using this as evidence to the missus that I'm not as bad as some of you guys are haha. I've only known one or two of these so far.
  14. I considered it but that thread would be from before I joined the forum, which is like forever ago.
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