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  1. Simple, everyone lists their top 100 for a single point each and entries get multipliers for how many lists they make it onto. We can make this work
  2. I've heard three at best. Lily Allen at #72 is a definite; Eminem at #67 and Justin Timberlake at #87 are strong maybes. Moreover, there are 37 entries where I don't even recognise the name of the artist(s), including one in the top ten (The Streets).
  3. Could've been better for Chelsea but it could've been a lot worse. I wouldn't want to predict how Group H will turn out because it could go in absolutely any order and I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised.
  4. That's why I qualified it with "I've ever played" xD It bored me to tears the first time around and, after attempting to go back to it after everyone told me I was wrong and that it was a brilliant game, it just didn't do anything for me the second time either.
  5. I'm a bit late on this (and apparently in the minority) but The Last of Us is one of the worst games I've ever played.
  6. I think we know which one should be in the Euro 2020 squad then.
  7. Spider-Man and Uncharted are both high on my list. Does God of War require experience with the previous games? I've never played any of them.
  8. On PS4? Just Battlefield V for now. I think the other half downloaded an Assassin's Creed bundle and we've got Spyro on the way. Happy to take recommendations for purchases as we've put together a big list of stuff we're interested in and their prices in various locations for the cheapest option.
  9. Finally got a PS4 so feel free to add me, Naitch16 is the username.
  10. It's actually crazy that a match which wouldn't really have had any major implications a decade ago is now perhaps the most vicious rivalry in English football. I say that using this as a ridiculous example of stoking fake tension between the two groups of fans, and that Tube brawl which seemed like an absolute farce of a thing.
  11. No thanks. He isn't even worth that in today's market xD
  12. Same. I'm a draw away from completing the Sir Alex Ferguson challenge with Norwich six seasons early. I might take on another club for a season just to see if I can replicate the wall-to-wall success I've had (15 consecutive Premier League champions) before taking on a different challenge. Tweaking the data to replicate real life more accurately might make for a fresh save but the occasional successes of players like Connor Wickham or Dale Jennings whilst Harry Kane becomes a decent Championship player who never quite performs in the top division are fun too. I've got a long term San Marino challenge game going that's just never quite translated into a successful national side. My club team are consistent title contenders but I just don't have enough quality Sammarinese players coming through the ranks to challenge for the first team, outside of a right back and a couple of 2nd/3rd choice club keepers. The other long term options are the British Steel challenge, which I've never gotten further into than doing most of the Northern Ireland trophies, and the Pentagon, which I have an unlikely MP Black Aces in the African Champions League but performing awfully in the league after a shock title win, and all of my half decent players planning on leaving at the end of the season.
  13. Luiz definitely needed to go but it's awkward that we weren't able to bring anyone in to replace him. Come the end of the ban we'll desperately need players in just about every position.
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