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  1. https://imgur.com/a/7uChX54
  2. https://imgur.com/a/ardL5wS Howzat? If you like it, what size do you want the banner?
  3. Naitch

    The Punk Thread

    Best band I'd never seen before this year. I knew that was gonna be the case going in to Hatfield though.
  4. I wasn't aware of the "it's official but nothing changes until next year" part until you mentioned it, to be fair. Probably some FFP bollocks.
  5. All that matters is a player with no interest in playing for us isn't on the books any more. We might be up shit creek in terms of replacing him but my expectations aren't high for next season. Although seeing the Lampard announcement stuff the other day completely swung me around and got me as hyped as anyone, I'll be happy with just qualifying for Europe next season in any form.
  6. Maybe it's a miscommunication and he actually said that he wants to finish second.
  7. It's five years for a 29 year old, I think the point was more that he'd still be getting £350k a week in 2024.
  8. How many of those are real? I've heard of three of them.
  9. That video should've just been sent straight to r/ATBGE on release.
  10. Genuinely didn't know that Blackman was on the books. Getting rid of Higuain is a good call as he wasn't any better than Morata even though the latter definitely didn't/doesn't want to be at Stamford Bridge. I'm warming to the idea of Lampard taking on the reins with the rumours that he wants to focus on bringing young blood into the first team.
  11. I'm quite probably in the minority but I'd quite like Rafa at Chelsea...
  12. At least Ipswich learned from the mistake of having their Magical Vegas sponsor in colours not fitting the kit. This year's has changed to fit and it looks a million times better (spoilered for size):
  13. The last new game I bought was GTAV in 2013. Pricing is a little ridiculous, especially for annual games when you can get them for 1% of their release cost just by waiting a couple of years. This is worthwhile for me because I don't have any interest in online gaming. I've never played Ultimate Team on FIFA and, while the concept does interest me, I wouldn't even consider spunking £50 for the privilege each yer.
  14. Without Hazard, an aging squad, and likely no incoming new players, it'll either be a dogfight for 6th place or somehow we end up challenging for the title.
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