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  1. Just watched Rogue One. I thought it started off a bit disjointed but the second half was fantastic.
  2. Playing the 13/14 season as Norwich on FM12 and I've just noticed that both of my league games against Man Utd are back to back, 4 days apart, in early February. I've had back to back games against the same team before but that's only ever been league-cup combos. Anyone ever had that on any FM game before? I can't imagine it happens too often.
  3. I wish I was going to the North one purely because of the pop punk pre-party on the Friday and ska/punk room at the afterparty. South has one less room and that's the one they chose to ditch. On the flip side, almost everyone I know who attends one goes to South and it's a lot easier to get to.
  4. Slam Dunk just announced the final additions to the lineup alongside stage splits and, while Lower Than Atlantis is a good addition and I'll see them again if they aren't clashing with PVRIS or Goldfinger... Me vs. Hero are doing a (possibly one off) reunion! Set clashes are always a pain at festivals but MVH have just joined Save Ferris as my two can't miss performances, even if it means missing all three of the above.
  5. No joke on nothing, he may be coming to WAW in the near future. He'll need to move further than that to get across the entire ring though...
  6. Surely McGregor will get banned from the US if he gets convicted?
  7. That looks awesome. Is it an actual thing?
  8. Naitch

    Lip Sync For Your Life

    Cascada's version of What Hurts The Most.
  9. That's a good suggestion. A friend of mine was obsessed with it before and just after it came out. I think he enjoyed it a lot so I'll probably give it a go.
  10. Just watched the first two episodes of The Man in the High Castle. I'm hooked.
  11. Its less about human rights abuses at this point and more about making an actual diplomatic stand over the disgraceful behaviour being perpetrated by the Russian government. There were calls for boycott over Sochi 2014 after the Ukraine situation but ultimately nothing happened outside of a few Ukrainian athletes choosing not to attend. The World Cup is a much larger stage for sending a message that Russia engages in way too much covert political bullshit to remain on friendly terms with the West (and also it isn't like England have a chance of making it past the quarter finals ). I was already in favour of that alternate tournament idea which was floated around in November but now I think we should pull out and begin discussions about it with other football associations. There are enough teams who didn't qualify to easily make an appealing 8 team tournament without even considering England. A 16 team tournament even seems plausible to be honest.
  12. My main complaint was that it feels like an interactive movie rather than a game, even more so than LA Noire. I'm hoping that giving it a second chance will soften my opinion but I've already found myself re-playing Just Cause 2 and the incredibly good, albeit not long enough, Force Unleashed II instead.
  13. I actually got it with my slim PS3 when I had to replace my old one and I hated it. I found it so boring that I stopped playing it as soon as I got Arkham City and I've never picked it up since. I've still got it and I only plan on giving it another chance because it seems to be regarded as the best game of the entire generation. Doesn't seem to be available on PS3.