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  1. Yeah I'm expecting something ridiculous like City to turn it around and win 5-2.
  2. It'll be interesting to see who gets the Brexit bragging rights of being the first English team to exit Europe (Burnley didn't get through the qualifying stages so they don't count ).
  3. Why did you post a picture of John Dark though?
  4. Guaranteed for Hatfield and I'll be at the Punk in Drublic stage almost exclusively. The only must-see away from there for me is Story of the Year as they're the first headline band I ever saw live (2010) and I haven't seen them since. It helps make up my mind that I've seen a lot of the other bands who would otherwise interest me in the last two years, so they aren't a priority and will only catch my attention if PiD stage times allow it.
  5. Fighting With My Family was the top-grossing film in the UK this weekend. Source: https://www.screendaily.com/news/fighting-with-my-family-confirmed-as-uk-box-office-champion-on-its-first-weekend/5137378.article
  6. I've still got Talksport on and they said something about the referee not being obligated to force a player off the pitch but to ensure that play can resume as quickly as possible.
  7. It's awful because we're now in the position of having the world's most expensive goalkeeper who isn't fit to clean the boots of the youth team and a pair of aged veterans, both of whom are known for embarrassing World Cup performances and one of whom was never anything better than a Championship keeper in the first place. Caballero should play every remaining game this season as we hope to god that the transfer ban gets delayed by appeal so we can sort this shit out over the summer.
  8. There's no way this ends well. Either we lose and both Sarri and Arrizabalaga look awful, or we scrape a win in the shootout and Sarri still looks like a total goober for kowtowing to player pressure from someone who shouldn't be capable of making power plays even in a team with a history of undeserved influence.
  9. Off to the Norwich premiere of Fighting With My Family today with the WAW crowd. It's gonna be weird seeing multiple people I recognise on the big screen, some of whom will be in the theatre alongside me, but I'm looking forward to it because I've heard good things from almost every possible source.
  10. Naitch

    Amazon Prime

    I haven't seen the most recent season but The Man in the High Castle is brilliant if you like alternate history.
  11. UPDATE: Laurent Blanc resigned because could only take England to 3rd place in the 2030 World Cup. I've ended up taking my old job back again after less than a year because it was the first decent international role to pop up again. I had been offered the Turkey role in November but refused because they hadn't qualified. All in all an odd chain of events.
  12. Yikes. Everything's falling apart for Sarriball in 2019 it seems.
  13. (FM12) Just got sacked from the England job after 13 years following 5 defeats in 7 games, including 2 against Australia in the 2029 Confederations Cup. During that time I won the 2022 and 2026 World Cups, as well as the 2025 Confederations Cup, with my closest taste of success in the Euros being a semi final against eventual winners Holland in 2028. I'd say that the sacking was fair if I hadn't been top of my World Cup qualifying group with 6 wins out of 6 and zero goals conceded. The only real life player still making the squad regularly is Nathaniel Chalobah, with Jack Butland being a 36 year old fringe third choice keeper depending on the club form of my younger choices. None of that really matters as I'm doing the Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge with Norwich, who I only need to win the Premier League with twice more (four more for in-game Fergie) to complete the challenge like for like, plus a few more domestic, European, and international cups along the way. I've won the league 11 years running so I'm not expecting it to be too difficult. Possibly the most interesting thing is that Fulham became the only other top non-Manchester side in the 2020s despite following a similar trajectory to real life in the previous decade. Might still take on another international job and try to get some cheeky revenge on England if an interesting one pops up.
  14. So you could lose to Doncaster?
  15. Bristol City v Shrewsbury/Wolves AFC Wimbledon v Millwall Doncaster Rovers v Crystal Palace Middlesbrough/Newport County v Manchester City Chelsea v Manchester United Swansea City v Barnet/Brentford Portsmouth/QPR v Watford Brighton/West Brom v Derby County

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