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  1. Reading on Scholes' wiki that he retired from international football in 2004 is mind-boggling.
  2. Pick your all-time England XI: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50100528
  3. Naitch

    Workout Music

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7yjCJTsE6WsQy2aaPSMt0S?si=C-KEUYVgTmuS6j1AZhqsnA It's mostly for weights sessions and still being added to from my older playlist, which has some naff stuff left in it. I'm hoping to eventually split it into a heavy lifting playlist, a general rock playlist, and possibly spin a more cardio playlist out of it eventually.
  4. I get Sword because the missus wants Shield for the new Pontya.
  5. "¿Soy una broma para ti?" - Alvaro Morata
  6. True but this is a game with a known amount of prize money. I don't know how much a club earns on average per league game, but playing (and winning) this game would make it clear that Macclesfield have the ability to pay off up to £36k of what they owe the players. If the club failed to pledge that that's exactly what they'll do with said prize money, then power to the players to act as they see fit.
  7. You'd think the prospect of earning £36k to go towards paying your wages would be reason enough to turn out for that match. They're in League Two, surely that amount could cover a good chunk of the wage bill for a little while?
  8. Standing in the fourth queue section at the Pokemon Centre popup shop in London. I'd estimate there are about 1000 people here, with the earliest people getting here before 5am. The shop doesn't open until 10am and this is apparently the quietest of the 4 days it's been open so far... UPDATE: It was shit.
  9. Posting this in here rather than the FM20 thread because it's still all new game hype, and I don't want to disturb that. Just won the Premier League with Liverpool in my second season on CM 01/02. Turns out all they needed to do was keep Robbie Fowler and sign Carlos Puyol, Wilfried Bouma, Marc-Vivien Foe, Stiliyan Petrov, and Deco... although I also got Robbie Savage in on a free, so that might've been the difference maker Deco was seriously the game changer towards the end of that season though. Danny Murphy was doing great as my CAM but pulling him back alongside Gerrard in my 4-1-2-1-2 made all the difference, and I ended up pipping Arsenal to the title after they'd led all season AND won it the season before. I also beat them in the FA Cup final but lost to them in the Charity Shield at the start of the season. A League Cup win against West Ham the season before made it all even better. I'd originally set myself a target of winning the league before the 2019/20 season, as I'm fully expecting them to do in real life, but I wasn't expecting it to happen quite so quickly. I guess my new target is to win the Champion's League in the next two seasons, in order to beat or match that real-life achievement too.
  10. I don't know who half of these people are so I'll just presume that the list is meant for people with very different music tastes to myself.
  11. I think it was the head of the Bulgarian FA that their president was calling to be sacked rather than the manager.
  12. Listening to the latest Marshmello album because I like a few of his songs. I was nicely surprised to find a collaboration with ADTR on it.
  13. Is "I'm pregnant so how dare you accuse me of this?" a valid counterpoint?
  14. Not sure, but I think the liege's name is John-Luke Pickard.
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