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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. The consensus is pretty much "wait until he gets older," and yeah I guess we don't really have a choice. Right now he's in a more destructive phase so I worry for the game boards and the cards and boxes that stand in his way should we even try to have a game night with him still awake.
  2. So it might be a silly question, but for the parents who still play board games... how do you do it? We've got a kid (1 and a half) and is it just a matter of waiting for him to get older?
  3. michgcs

    NBA 2K18

    I'm also torn on which title to get and was actually waiting for discussion on the new games. Does anyone have Live 2019? I tried the demos for both games and had fun playing with both. 2k definitely appears more polished, but I'm looking for the better 1 player game as I usually just played MyGM and MyCareer, didn't bother to go online. It'd be fun to play as the 01 Kings, though, as I skipped out on 2k18 (assuming Webber and co. are still in the game this year). Can anyone help me out on this? Are there any bugs or anything that I should know about for both games?
  4. michgcs

    WWE 2K18

    I was referring to how bad the ladies look compared to the guys, wasn't trying to belittle Kirkland's work. Sorry if it came off that way. I actually enjoy his updates, so keep it up
  5. michgcs

    WWE 2K18

    Bayley buddies for Carmella's win animation? I like how creative you've gotten but the graphics leave a LOT to be desired. This is for PS4, right? Naomi's arms look like they're made of rubber or plastic, and everyone's hair just looks off. And why are the commentary chairs empty?
  6. michgcs

    WWE 2K18

    Thanks, I'm curious to hear what happened after that. Did the match end? Do you have to restart? Or did your opponent just jog back down to the ring?
  7. michgcs

    WWE 2K18

    Aside from the glitching, are there any other major issues? Seriously thinking about buying this game because you guys are making it sound so fun (and it doesn't hurt that the roster's huge).
  8. michgcs

    NBA 2K18

    Why? Is it worse than 2k17? I haven't gotten it yet, and with a new baby and not really playing 2k17 all that much, I'm still on the fence on whether to buy it or not.
  9. michgcs

    NBA 2K18

    I haven't played MyCareer for a while so is the VC thing still tied to your console being online? I remember that I couldn't play it whenever my internet connection broke down; I wonder how it'll be on the Switch. I assume you won't be online when it's undocked and on the go, right?
  10. Guys, I'm really really (REALLY) considering buying the Switch but we just had a baby boy and A) I don't think I'll have that much time to play and B) gotta save up that money for him in the future, right? Someone please talk me out of buying it? Or talk me INTO buying it? LOL I don't know. Reading all your comments makes me wanna buy it.
  11. michgcs

    NBA 2K18

    I wasn't expecting Andre Miller to be left out of the Cavs all-time roster. Or even the Clippers one, TBH.
  12. No worries, it was easy enough to change his birth year to a random number I appreciate the reply!
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