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  1. New Hands Like Houses album is top notch stuff.
  2. Jericruise

    Doctor Who

    Bradley Walsh seemed a really odd choice originally but I'm really liking him so far.
  3. I actually thought Venom was really good. Did it's job and there's a lot of sequel potential.
  4. Well we're fucked then Never mind I didn't see he'd scored
  5. Probably option 1 since Hazard is my fantasy football captain.
  6. All I want from next season is a Ted Danson guest appearance.
  7. I would adore a full-game sequel, there's so much more they can do with it.
  8. I'm not even bothering with squad battles really, the rewards are so much better for Rivals.
  9. I've seen all the MCU bar Hulk (mostly because I cba to go back and rewatch it since they recast him), both Deadpools, all the Maguire/Garfield Spiderman movies, all the classic Batman movies and the Nolan trilogy, all the X-Men films as far as Days of Future Past, the Netflix series as far as Defenders (massively slacking on those at the moment) and tbh the film side of DC hasnt interested me so far so I'm hoping source material is better. Original favourite was Batman but I've always liked the Marvel heroes. Spiderman, Ironman, Thor were probably my favourites from watching the old cartoon series. Main reason this cane to mind was @Jimmy recommending Spider-Gwen on the weekend so figured I'd look into a few.
  10. I'm totally new to comics/graphic novels, what's a good starting point? The Spiderman PS4 game has scratched the itch for it.
  11. Yeah headers and bicycle kicks are super powerful this year, Giroud is amazing in spite of his pace because of it. Gets onto everything. I actually really love the general reduction in pace, feels much more realistic.
  12. Fuck sake just kill it and give us MCU X-Men already. I'm also still annoyed they haven't even attempted to integrate the Netflix stuff into the films yet.
  13. They definitely need to make Bronze and Silver teams more valuable. Players get price boosts from SBCs but no-one actually plays with them.
  14. That you did! And I was gonna trade it in tomorrow but I'll hang on to it in that case

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