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  1. Jericruise

    EWB Musicians

    I play a bit of guitar and did bass for a while but there's seemingly no drummers anywhere where I live so any hope of a band is near non-existent. It's nice to just play a little bit occasionally for fun though.
  2. Finally got around to seeing Ant-Man and The Wasp, was a nice fun little side adventure after the blockbuster of Infinity War.
  3. What does that mean exactly?
  4. I'm sorry but Boyle is the worst easily.
  5. Yeah season one felt more like Meet the Meachums and Iron Fist felt like a side character in his own show.
  6. Doug Judy gets a very deserved second for me.
  7. The answer is Captain Holt.
  8. I came 3rd four times today, which considering I haven't played in months I'm quite happy with.
  9. I caved and redownloaded it. It's way more fun than I remember it being.
  10. I'm somewhat local and play centre back, where do I sign?
  11. Bernard is apparently going to be confirmed by Everton within the hour too.
  12. Ospina is off to Besiktas. Everton are apparently after Zouma and Rojo before the window closes.
  13. Dendoncker to Wolves is done, initial loan to be made permanent next year apparently.
  14. Sky Sports now saying you're signing him for 6m.

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