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  1. I know it was a small pool just the first time it's aired in the UK off streaming services I think so figured it worth mentioning.
  2. I listened to it last night and it was okay. Good, but not gonna top my list.
  3. I've managed to miss Manics at least 3 times so I'm glad I finally get to tick them off next year.
  4. Maybe I just haven't heard it yet?
  5. Hey look it's December again, let's discuss the great things 2018 gave us musically! I went to 0 festivals this year sadly, which I'm hoping to rectify in 2019. Still managed to see 60 bands this year, discovering plenty of new favourites! I'm genuinely struggling to pick my favourite gigs for the year, I loved every gig I went to except the first to (The Hunna and Paramore, both in January). Foo Fighters and The Rolling Stones in June were both incredible; Frank Turner was great again; Don Broco, Marmozets, State Champs, Arkells, Nothing But Thieves, and Biffy Clyro all helped make the year incredible gig-wise. Loads of good memories this year. Lower Than Atlantis were brilliant again and I'm genuinely very sad that they're breaking up next year. Albums! Easy AOTY for me is Living Proof by State Champs, closely followed by Knowing What You Know Now by Marmozets. Don Broco's Technology, Panic at the Disco's Pray for the Wicked and The Xcerts' Hold On To Your Heart probably round out the top five in some order, Joy as an Act of Resistance by IDLES just outside it. Been a very good year again though, I'm struggling to decide on a full top ten. Share what you loved, EWB!
  6. Ed Gamble seems a popular choice online, I don't even know who he is. Sue Perkins would be a good shout since they already had Mel do it.
  7. Side note, whilst I was looking on Reddit for an answer to when supposedly David Baddiel has supposedly mistakenly revealed he's filming for it (presumably season 9 if they've already started filming season 8). Tweet deleted but yeah. I'm not really sure who I'm hoping for in the next season. Depends if they still try to do all comedians or branch out a little. I'd love Lee Mack to do it actually.
  8. Season 7 finally finished on the watch through. Big improvement on Season 6, the in-studio banter was notably different. Champion of Champions time! Have we had any news on Season 8 yet?
  9. No I just think City will smash Everton and you'll get peak Jose'd next weekend so you'll swap back over again.
  10. Don't worry you'll slip back into second soon.
  11. Better than saying it was Pretty.Odd-era Panic First album fully bangs still tbf
  12. Mate, newer Panic is where it's at, Death of a Bachelor and Pray for the Wicked are lit. You get big points for Don Broco and MCR though.

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