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  1. No I just think City will smash Everton and you'll get peak Jose'd next weekend so you'll swap back over again.
  2. Don't worry you'll slip back into second soon.
  3. Better than saying it was Pretty.Odd-era Panic First album fully bangs still tbf
  4. Mate, newer Panic is where it's at, Death of a Bachelor and Pray for the Wicked are lit. You get big points for Don Broco and MCR though.
  5. I've hardly used mine compared to most of you. Not surprised at any of it though.
  6. I have my last gig of 2018 on Saturday But I have 10 booked for next year already
  7. I tried making a final 'album of the year' list now we're in December, my list of albums I still need to listen to was over twice as long. Anyway, here's some IDLES:
  8. Decided to get back into this a bit (temporarily at least, will probably die a quick death like most things I go back to). @Troy is right, Drop D is the absolute boy.
  9. Trying to put this list together whilst looking at other lists just makes me realise my TV watching has plummeted this year. So many things I haven't started, let alone finished 1. The Good Place 2. Taskmaster 3. Santa Clarita Diet 4. A Series of Unfortunate Events 5. GLOW 6. BoJack Horseman 7. Orange is the New Black 8. 13 Reasons Why I genuinely think that those are the only shows I've seen all of to make it fair to vote them. Fallen completely behind on the Marvel series' since Jessica Jones S2 bored me and I never picked the others up, I don't think Brooklyn 99 Season 5 is up for streaming anywhere and if it aired on E4 I totally missed it. Sabrina and Hill House I've only seen a few episodes of each but they've both been decent so might stick them on the end. I'm a season behind on Better Call Saul and probably won't pick it back up, Sharp Objects passed me by and I didn't even know we had new Cuckoo and Billions! Best New Character: Esme Squalor, A Series of Unfortunate Events
  10. @9 to 5 and I got drunk playing it and it was genuinely about 6 of the most hilarious hours I've ever experienced. Then I did it all again sober with @Benji and it was still a great game. Tl;dr go play Magicka 2

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