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MLB 2019-2020 Offseason Thread

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So the infallible Astros lost. *insert Nelson haha jpg*

Toronto and Milwaukee kicked The Stove off when the Brewers sent Chase Anderson to the snowy north. Good pick up for the Jays if I’m being honest.

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If you're going to talk about the MLB off-season, I guess this probably needs to come up...

MLBPA launching probe into team coordination in free-agency process

This comes after comments from Braves GM Alex Anthopoulos made it sound like he had polled the other teams in the league about their plans in free agency.

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Yeah I love that they finally went back to the brown to give themselves a unique look. I loved the blue and yellow they wore the season they had the ASG but the old McDonalds colors (that's why they originally wore them!) are the best they've ever had.

I do wish they had an alternate cap with the swinging friar on it that they could wear on like Friday games or something.

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ImageMike Fiers has stepped out and admitted that the Astros have been stealing signs for the last few years. 

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    • By Carlos Buschtran
      Pitchers and catchers report in a week, dozens of free agents are still on the market, and amidst that standoff come the news that the league and union are exploring some potentially drastic rule changes.
      Among the ideas being thrown around:

      -Universal DH
      -Only having one trade deadline (right now 7/31 is the regular trade deadline and 8/31 is for waiver trades) and moving that trade deadline up to before the All Star Break
      -26 man rosters, no more than 12 pitchers allowed
      -20 second pitch clock
      -Pitchers required to face a minimum of three batters
      -Lowering the mound
      -Changing draft order to discourage tanking
      -Allowing two-sport amateurs to immediately sign big league contracts (aka the Kyler Murray Rule)

      Could be some pretty interesting times.  I really don't want the universal DH but I've long accepted that it's inevitable so whatever.  I also like the idea of expanding the rosters by an extra player so teams can have a six man bench and it'll give jobs to specialists who otherwise wouldn't be able to make the league.  The three batter minimum for pitchers though is ridiculous, it'd basically end the career of lefty specialists all at the expense of making games faster.
    • By Meacon
      It's out! I'm downloading it now. Probably won't play it until the morning. Woo hoo!
      I'll be carrying over my guy from MLB 14, that I carried over to MLB 15, but I am interested in the whole new scouting thing, so I'll probably create a closer or someone new to play with. Fingers crossed they fixed the online, so I don't have to share-play with my chums like last year.
    • By Carlos Buschtran
      Let's start the year off the way we all drew it up, with Rafael Palmeiro attempting a comeback at age 53.
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