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  1. So many injuries. I'm just happy the Cowboys won
  2. King Kong was a simp

  3. The score of the Atlanta Braves game is currently 29-9 over the Marlins. TWENTY NINE. To Nine.
  4. https://youtu.be/rXRQyd6_5j4 🤔 Fellas, I have no fucking clue what is going on, but it does look clean af. Some of this logic tho. "We work under the books." "We operate in the shadows" *All out war in the streets of Miami*
  5. An interesting trade deadline. Padres and Cubs killed it. Surprised to see Pillar go to the Rockies so easily.
  6. The Padres look like they're out here playing franchise mode on MLB The Show
  7. Damn, that sucks. He was a UConn star, so we love him around here.
  8. Really sad to hear about this loss. Loved him as an actor, and Black Panther is a favorite of mine. Gone way too soon. Wakanda Forever
  9. I can't wait for Manfred to be gone. Edit:
  10. Sounds like Houston and OKC have joined as well. I'm proud of them.
  11. Good trailer. Still not sure if I'm excited for it or not, but looks good nonetheless.
  12. Big fan of Thoma Brennaman seemingly getting canned midgame. Fuck anybody who thinks they can talk that way.
  13. https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/astros-alex-cintron-as-laureano-brawl-01efany9gea5 Astros beaned Laser Ramon a bunch of times this weekend, and there was a brawl today. Alex Cintron, the instigator of said brawl, of course ducked for cover behind his players.
  14. I think I'd be really interested in a Suicide Squad game. I started Twitch streaming again recently. I don't know if it'd be inappropriate to promote it here, but the link is here for anyone who wants to come say hello. https://www.twitch.tv/thrillhousemax Last night, since it was Thursday, I did a #TBT stream and played WWF No Mercy and Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  15. I've played it a bit. Its light, and kinda fun. Worth a shot, if its something you're into, tbh. They've got a couple good scenarios like an Attitude Era one and a WWWF era one.
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