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  1. ah George Russell could get his first point! He'll be happy with that.
  2. oh yeah definitely. This song is brilliant. It was only really a demo that got released, right? At least, I always assumed that because there's something very temporary or placeholder-ish about the synth strings on that one. But maybe that's for the best, because that song works because it's stripped down to the bare essentials, and Jeff Buckley did have a bit of a tendency to polish songs a bit too much.
  3. Apparently old Pirelli F1 tyres are used to make cement.
  4. Some of the more interesting moments this season have come as a result of tyre problems. Drivers have to manage the tyres and teams have to build a chassis that won’t grind them down. If they can’t do that, then I guess that’s on them. If anything I’d like to see the tyres made less durable to force more two-stop strategies.
  5. It’s pretty remarkable that he was safe. Impressive fireproofing.
  6. FIFA have posted the 1986 World Cup film to view for free. Narrated by Michael Caine with music by Rick Wakeman!
  7. Oh you're back! I quite like Soundgarden. I used to have very little interest in them but they've grown on me in the last two years. That being said, I've never really been too keen on Black Hole Sun. It starts off pretty good but the last two minutes is just this interminable dirge. Needs editing. This Stone Temple Pilots one is okay. Again a bit of a dirge though. The singer's voice annoys me a bit but this doesn't surprise me because I've already heard that WHEEEEEYEEEEEN THE DOGS BEGIN TO SMELL HER WILL SHE SMELL ALOOOOOOWAAAHOOOAAAAHONE. Waterfalls is a remarkable song. TL
  8. Cool! I'll need to have a think, I'm not sure how much I've listened to this year. I've got a few things on my list that I'd like to try and I'd be interested to check out some of the stuff on the year end lists. I might come back here in a week or two and post mine. Of those that have been mentioned so far I liked the Fiona Apple and Charli XCX ones. Not familiar with any others yet, although a few are on my list.
  9. How exciting! Also, nobody's ever named a child after me before. Just saying.
  10. 7 Seconds is cool. I had no idea that was Youssou NDour! I don’t really like Oasis but I can get along with Live Forever. It packs in plenty of hooks and does its job. Pavement! The first of these mumbling alt rock 80s/90s bands that I actually like! Although Cut Your Hair is nothing special. It is quite quintessential though, so I can understand why it’s here. Completely agree with Skummy on Nirvana Unplugged. I know there was a bit of a cult around this idea in the 90s, that playing your songs quieter or with your eyes closed or at a slower pace somehow made them more “raw” o
  11. It’s the sort of thing your gran buys you for Christmas because it says PlayStation on it and she knows you have one of those. This is how I have accumulated various accessories like Eyetoy cameras, singstar microphones and guitar hero peripherals (before I even had guitar hero) over the years.
  12. 7k a week at Atletico sounds like a decent deal. He probably has a good life. Why shouldn’t he try to wring a few quid out of you if you are trying to take him away from a lovely city for only the merest sniff at first-team football? 😕
  13. I think this is why Joe Hart stood out
  14. You can see here that when you strip away the low hanging fruit and easy wins and empty gestures like kneeling down or putting a little rainbow or cars or saying #weraceasone this is an organisation that doesn’t give a shit about anything but the bottom line. https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2020/nov/25/formula-one-faces-charge-of-aiding-sportwashing-by-racing-in-bahrain And Saudi Arabia next, apparently?
  15. Just realised we passed 1992 with no Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie which is utterly outrageous. Obvs had to step aside to make way for the umpteenth dull American alt rock band that can’t play their instruments or form a basic melody and takes pride in both of these things because they are ironic.
  16. Oh yes I should get the Ezio ones sometime soon. I like the newer type AC games with the big maps but sometimes I miss the more detailed single city maps.
  17. Oh Confide In Me is really good, nice that they dropped that in. I like the Eb on the third line of End of a Century, that sounds pretty cool. The rest are songs, you certainly can't deny that.
  18. I can't be doing with a lot of this early 90s rock, to be perfectly honest with you. Sure, Nirvana are great, so are Soundgarden. On the UK side you have the Manic Street Preachers and Suede, sure. But so much of the other guitar music we've been seeing in the last couple of years is decidedly second rate. Beck and James and the Breeders and all that - they aren't bad, but they are second rate. The Leftfield song is good though. I might just be a bit too militantly anti-early 90s, though, because when I worked at HMV the shop's management that were around a decade older than me playe
  19. Yeah. Maybe rather than cram all the races in one year they could rotate them so each track does 4 out of every 5 years or whatever. (And they could tell Saudi Arabia to gtf)
  20. Maybe we could allow heading but make footballers wear motorcycle helmets. Compromise.
  21. I like Suede. They have good tunes but I can only deal with them in small doses because the singer’s voice gets irritating quite quickly.
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