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  1. Alvaro Morata has had the "here we go!" on a move back to Juventus after the move for Dzeko has seemingly stalled.
  2. Twitter seems to have decided, and I can't find an original source anywhere, that we want Guendouzi in exchange for one of Kante, Abraham, Kovacic, or Hudson-Odoi. We've truly crossed into silly territory with some of these rumours, why in the fuck would we want Guendouzi?
  3. Luis Suarez is heading to Atletico Madrid. Him and Costa up front is a class pairing of shithouse strikers.
  4. I was surprised that the deal seemed to come out of nowhere, but he's got the same agent all the Portugese players they sign have. Not a bad replacement for Doherty though.
  5. Thought The Devil All The Time was great for the actors' reels but otherwise dragging. Lots of good acting but lacking on the plot front for me. Jumanji: The Next Level on the other hand was great, The Rock impersonating Danny DeVito is money. Just finished the Sharon Horgan episode of Criminal: UK as well, so I've got one left. Really good series but I'm glad they don't drag it out over too many episodes, there's only so much they can do setting it in one room but the strength of the guest stars really helps it.
  6. Oh man you're in for a good time. Line of Duty is one of my all time favourites.
  7. DCL is gonna bang 20 this season isn't he?
  8. Zappacosta has been loaned off to Genoa for the season. Conor Gallagher is spending the year at West Brom having signed a new contract.
  9. Villa have signed Bertrand Traore from Lyon.
  10. Yeah that's an odd one. I think the situation is that Trabzonspor have an option to buy in year two (I've seen a fee suggested of 5m because he was shite for Palace but he's been amazing in Turkey); so it would be a case of Trabzonspor exercising that and then immediately selling him on.
  11. Personal terms apparently agreed, can see this being completed tomorrow.
  12. Between this and Matuidi we might as well just give them the title now, it's overdue tbh.
  13. Bale and Reguilon have arrived at the Spurs training ground.
  14. I've done a quick count and so far I've got 22 I've listened to, and 4 I have and have completely forgotten or 4 I'd planned to and hadn't yet. Slacking by comparison I'm sure that number should be higher, I wrote out an A4 list of albums to try at the start of lockdown which I now can't find, guessing most must have been 2019.
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