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  1. 20 appearances gets you Loftus-Cheek for next season
  2. Cane second on Jump Showdown twice yesterday, hate this game.
  3. That seems like a big misstep. I mean I'm waiting for the PS5 version of anything I can but I can see a lot of people complaining about that.
  4. Pm me your email address and I'll send it on
  5. Hey so I know we only found out the Season 10 contestants like 3 weeks ago but I had an email through inviting people to the Season 11 screenings in mid-October (which I obviously can't get to), so presumably we're finding out who's gonna be in next year's series too soon.
  6. Hopefully the Crown Tundra release date and some more details on what's in it. There was a "leaked" list I saw a while back that didn't look like it was adding many, hopefully it's wrong. I need to go back and finish the Isle of Armor Dex at some point.
  7. Still haven't won. Might give up until season 2.
  8. Will second that, the film was cast brilliantly.
  9. Forgot there was a different Sting and now I'm just envisaging Patrick Stewart as WCW Tag Team Champion.
  10. Greatly enjoying the new Idles (arrived early so I've been listening since Wednesday) and the new Royal Blood track is really good in my opinion. Interesting evolution of the sound. Somehow You Me At Six are releasing their seventh album, their new track Beautiful Way isn't actually as bad as I expected it to be.
  11. Pre-order done through Game! Excited now
  12. FM Wonderkid Florentino Luis has joined Monaco And Mbwanna Samatta has left Aston Villa for Fenerbache.
  13. Ridiculous transfer window, etc. etc.
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