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GOTY 2018 Discussion


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I am certain that somebody is going to do a tally of the best games of the year for 2018, but I thought it would be cool to have a discussion thread. This has been a really interesting year for games, with Sony having a great year for exclusives with Nintendo having an interesting year with a focus on ports and indie games and Microsoft just existing. 

I have played Into the Breach, Octopath Traveler, Wizard of Legend, Son of a Witch, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Mega Man 11. I probably will play Red Dead Redemption 2, Return of the Obra Dinn and Dead Cells before the end of the year. Into the Breach is definitely my GOTY right now. It is super fun, lots of depth, my exact type of game. It does not do a lot, but what it does, it does exceptionally. 

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Of the games that I played.... three standout.


Octopath Traveler for that classic, JRPG feeling that you just can't get enough of these days. Plus, Tressa is just the best.

God of War for amazing story and combat.

And Red Dead Redemption 2, for obvious reasons. 

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Call of Cthulhu for me because I've never enjoyed a horror game more since Eternal Darkness.

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Thusfar, Tetris Effect and Dead Cells. The former is just my favorite game of all time with a shiny new coat of paint on it, but what a beautiful coat of paint it is. The latter is the first game that's given me that Rogue Legacy feeling, though I'm playing it on the Xbox One and not my laptop so I don't get the full Rogue Legacy experience of playing it while I work through TV shows that don't demand my full attention. In both cases, they're great games that I can play for like half an hour before settling into a game I'm going to be dedicating an hour or two at a time to, and that's a really valuable thing in the Peak Media era.

Hitman 2 is also a really good continuation of the first game, which was probably my 2016 GOTY, though I've run into a couple game-breaking bugs here and there. It feels slightly jankier than the first, probably reflecting the fact that they likely made this with less money now that they're not working with Square anymore.

Octopath I bought and was excited for for a weekend and then I think what happened was I also got Hollow Knight and that expended my Switch attention span while I was traveling around a bunch, and now that I'm not I'm not using it much. That's on me, I liked what I played, though I think maybe also the going around from starting story to starting story kind of robbed me of the feeling of progression because to get to the next chapters of the stories I was really into I'd have to do a lot of level grinding, and the best way to do that was... play through the other parallel starting chapters.

I have Red Dead 2 and will be starting on that the moment I'm done with the main story of Hitman 2. I'd also like to play Return of the Obra Dinn before the year is over. Spider-Man would be good to pick up but I'm probably not going to get to it until next year.

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13 hours ago, Sam said:

Throwing Assassins Creed Odyssey into the mix. Excellent game and so large.

If RDR2 didn't come out this year, I could see Odyssey getting it.  Practically a perfect AC game, probably the smoothest the free running has ever been, no falling deaths, they pretty much said "Fuck it, everything is climbable!".  Odyssey is such a GREAT game...but then RDR2 came out

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I think my top ten is looking like this...

10. Dead Cells
9. Donut County
8. Red Dead Redemption II
7. Octopath Traveller
6. Tetris Effect
5. The Messenger
4. Spider-Man
3. Astro Bot VR: Rescue Mission
2. God of War
1. Celeste

Those top two are interchangable, and both of them would appear in my top ten games of all time. They're both just phenomenal. I didn't include remakes/remasters, otherwise I'd probably throw in the Spyro trilogy and Shadow of the Colossus for just hitting me right in the nostalgias. I'll also likely have to bump out Dead Cells the minute Smash Bros comes out, and I wouldn't be surprised if that ended up in my top 3. This year has been fucking excellent for games.

Video games are cool.


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