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Best Johnny Depp Movie?


What is the best Johnny Depp movie?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the best Johnny Depp movie?

    • Finding Neverland
    • Blow
    • Secret Window
    • Pirates Of The Carribean
    • From Hell
    • The Ninth Gate
    • Once Upon A Time In Mexico
    • Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
    • What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    • Other

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Yeah, so I rented one of my favorite Johnny Depp movies last night, "Crybaby", and I figured I'd ask everyone what they think is his best movie.

I really want to see "Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas", but the DVD, atleast here, costs $40. <_<

Yeah, my vote goes to Other > "Crybaby". B)

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POTC, Blow, Once Upon A Time In Mexico. My three top Depp movies. His role is Sands in OUATIM is a showstealer.

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Guest Ringmaster

Edward Scissor Hands and Ed Wood. Shame on Tristy for leaving them out and putting Secret Window and The Ninth Gate in there. SHAME.

By the way, if you want Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas cheap, get the non-criterion edition. It's like $15 Canadian around here.

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Fuckin' hell, Ed Wood slipped my mind. I love that movie, and Edward Scissorhands is a given.

Fuck it Tristy, just rent the entire Johnny Depp library of movies/DVDs :P

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Guest Bluesman

Haven't seen too much of Fear and Loathing, which I'd think would adapt to film (especially with Depp) well after having read the book.

Out of all those I've only seen a few, it'd probably be a tie between Pirates and Once...Mexico. I might have to choose Mexico, as he really made that thing bearable to watch, while in Pirates he only had to carry Bloom.

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Depp is probably my favourite actor, and Edward Scissorhands is my favourite movie, so I'll probably have to say that. POTC is probably his best performance, though.

His part in Chocolat is also fantastic, which hasn't been mentioned yet.

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I gave my vote to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...

He did a fantastic job acting incredibly paranoid and spaced out in that movie, but for me, what made it even more outstanding was the narating that he did.

Favorite Line:

(narrating)"Was he aware that this desert was the last known location of the Manson Family?

(spoken) Jesus! Did I just say that out loud?

(narrating) Or did I think it?"

The only other movie that I can think of that can rival it in terms of naration ability from an actor (playing a part in the movie) is The Shawshank Redemption.

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