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Your favourite adverts from past and present...

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As much as I hate comerical breaks on TV, every now and then one comes along that I enjoy watching....

Usually it's car adverts but anyway, here are my favourite current, recent and back in the day adverts...


Golf GTI - "Singing In The Rain".

Gene Kelly's face superimposed onto a guy who does an 'updated' raining scene from the film.

CITREON - "Robot Car".

I love robots, so when the car takes on a robotic form to a Jean Jacques Smoothie soundtrack it becomes a great advert.

HONDA - "Can Hate Be Good?".

For the new Diesel engine, wonderful trippy and random cartoony images and a mind-bending song. First heard the advert in it's full 4 minute long glory on the radio.... "Can hate be good? Can hate be great? Can hate be good , can hate be great, can hate be something we don't hate? etc etc"

BMW 1 SERIES - "You'll Be Under My Wheels".

Love any advert with a Prodigy track. Three different adverts with juddering babies, horses or tortoises to the great new Prodigy sound.

GUINNESS - "Extra Cold"

All the old adverts but different due to the environments being snowy or the water freezing. VERY clever.


MERCEDES - "Some people are just better at movement than others..."

To the strains of perhaps my favourite musical track of all time "Windowlicker" by Aphex Twin, athletes perform, leaving motion blur trails behind before their movements turn into Mercedes car movements.


CHUPA CHUPS - "Randy hedgehog"

A hedgehog snuffles backwards and forwards around the screen until it stops, the camera zooms out to show the hedgehog happily straddling on top of a chupa chup display.

TANGO - "You've been tangoed!"

Back to my youth, which was best though? The orange guy who slaps his hands over the person's ears, the granny who exploded or the big fat orange bloke who ran up to someone and kissed them. Beautifully random, and all banned for some reason or another (The whacking ears was banned after a schoolkid was deafened by their freind doing it to them).

COCA COLA - "Eat Football, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola"

Ah happy memories. Great soundtrack, great sense of the beautiful game and beautiful drink being linked together. Only the original of these adverts was good.

GUINNESS - "Many many Guinness adverts"

Tick followed tock....To a thumping Leftfield soundtrack surfers run into the wider and ride the waves that become raging white horses. Proper phenomial.

Here's to waiting....Some old dude races a Guinness pint being poured by swimming to the pub.

Snails....Snail racing

Random dancing adverts....To cheery music, random dancing, recently remade into the eskimo dancing which is even better.

That random one with the people looking through a hole in a wall....Really odd but I loved it...Looking for the meaning of life...

Millions more adverts which I'm sure I'll remember.

Basically Mercedes and Guinness do the best adverts.

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I'd have to agree with pretty much all of your choices, except the BMW 1 Series advert, it just annoys me. I used to love the 'Happiness is a cigar called Hamleys' advert. Quality.

And how can we forget the Nike football adverts? The Good vs Evil advert was fantastic. How many times did I re-enact the Cantona bit at the end when he pops his collar and says 'Au Revoir'? The other nike adverts were great as well.

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The Golf GTI and Citreon adverts are very much genius, as was the Nike 'Parklife' advert with Cantona and others.

Any of the Malibu "If we were always this serious, we'd never have invented Malibu. It's seriously easy-going" adverts. They're bloody hilarious.

"You will never be a fisherman." *fish slap* "Yes I will!" "You will never be a fisherman." *fish slap* "Yes I will!"

Or the one in the 'traffic jam', or waiting for an appointment, and so on.

I know there are more, but my brain can't think...

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Guiness and Stella adverts > all (especially the horses = waves one, and the father swimming against the pint, plus the Stella one with the plague).

Other than that, I like the Malibu adverts, with the people taking life in the Carribean really seriously. And the car advert with the bolts and bits moving along, triggering other stuff off. It might be for Honda.

EDIT: Stokerino...how can you forget the "my phones got 3 hours battery!" "well my phone is hands free!" Malibu advert?

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The Malibu rum commercials in Caribbean, especially the one with the two people trying to dock their boats in the same spot and they argue over who was there first. There is one line that one of the guys says in a thick Caribbean accent that always made me crack up... "you complicated little man". But of course with the accent its sounds like "you com-plee-cated little mawn". I dunno why, but I'd lose everytime I'd hear that.

Also, about 8 or 9 or so years ago there was a Claritin commercial where this guy says that since his ragweed allergies have annoyed him for so long, he's going to annoy ragweed. Then it shows a bunch of clips of him doing different annoying things while standing over a weed, like rake his fingernails on a blackboard, play a clarinet (very badly), and the last one is of some hare krishna-like band with drums, rattles, bells, and flutes playing a messed up tune. I always found that commercial hilarious for some reason.

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I say this in every thread like this I find, and I'll say it again...

You cannot fool the chicken.

(That is so the best commercial ever, don't hate.)

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I love the recent Tango adverts with the Bed filled with Apple Tango and stuff, the commentary on it is just brilliant.

"YESSS! THATS IT!!!.... Wipe me dry."

"FAT PIGEON!!... APPLE!! You know when you've been tango'ed"

The John West Salmon advert!! Where the fisherman fights the bear at the river side. Funny as hell.

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I loved the Irn Bru adverts. The one with the old grandad who makes ugly sucking noises on the can so his grandson doesn't want it anymore always made my gran cringe, for some reason. The one where an old lady in a motorised wheelchair slipped on a baliclava and robbed the store of Irn Bru cans, only to be stopped by police spikes was the best.

"You will never be a fisherman." *fish slap* "Yes I will!" "You will never be a fisherman." *fish slap* "Yes I will!"

Oh my God that advert had me in tears. I've not seen it in ages though, nor any other Malibu ads, come to think of it.

"FAT PIGEON!!... APPLE!! You know when you've been tango'ed"


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2: "I found you in a basket in the woods when I was 4 and convinced my parents to raise you c'mon!"

Canadians should know those without my actually identifying the commercials.

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The Nike cage adverts were pure quality but I have to give a big mention to Honda's "isn't it nice, when things just work?" advert. One thing causing another in that chain was really innovative.

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