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Harry Potter

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Guest Hollywood™

Who all will be picking up a copy of it come this Saturday?

I for one will be. Got it pre-ordered in Woolworth's for £1, the book will only be £8.99.

Kwik-Save will be selling it for £5 to under 15's.

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My brothers gonna try and get it from Kwik-Save Saturday. I might read it.

I couldn't be bothered to finish the last one; I got so bored about 1/4 way through.

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Guest Hollywood™

It was a good book. I enjoyed it. I've read all the books and enjoyed them tremendously.

I hope im not disappointed with this one so close to the end.

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I started reading the books in June after owning them since each came out. I have enjoyed them all so far. I am currently on Order of the Phoenix. I have to say my favorite would be either Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire... Prisoner of Azkaban probably more so though because I didn't really enjoy the Yule Ball(that what it is called?) and the Rita Skeeter bits but the tournament parts and the ending certainly made up for those parts in my opinion.

I pre-ordered my copy and apparently it should arrive on Saturday if not I will be able to wait until Monday since I still have to finish reading Order of the Phoenix.

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I don't see how anyone can read those books without feeling dumber afterward. It's like the fantasy equivalent of "See Spot. See Spot Run!"

Only more to the tune of "See Harry. See Harry's wand. See Harry cast magic! awwwoohhhh!"

There's much better out there, Rowling's so overrated it's not funny.

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... and that makes them good.. how? It doesn't. Usually books in a series have some sort of relevance in the story. I was using that "See Harry.." statement to illustrate how simplistic Rowling's writing style is at times, which is one thing that really irks me.

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It's still rubbish, I was directing my initial question ("How do people enjoy these books anyway?") at the 20+ year old people that faithfully follow the series. I don't know if EWB has any people like that, but I know quite a few on other forums.

@Hollywood; When did I ever say that the books don't have a relevance to the "complete plot"? Point it out to me. As far as I can tell I never said that, I just said that they're written in a very simplistic manner and that Rowling's overrated.

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I admit, the Harry Potter books (at least parts 1, 2 and 3) were the first "real" fantasy books I read, and back then I did enjoy them.

However, since then I have moved on from JK Rowling to the likes of Margaret Weiss, Tracy Hickman, Robin Hobb, Raymond E. Feist, etcetera, and I can't possibly think of any reason as to why anyone above the age of 16 would want to read the Harry Potter books anymore. There are a lot better fantasy authors out there than Rowling, and their books often are a lot less simplistic and childish. Like Cloudy, I can't imagine how any 20+ (or in my case, 16+) year old can still enjoy the Harry Potter books either.

Unless of course, you have the intellect of a 12 year old.

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Maybe because the content of the books itself is still enjoyable and fun to read? Just because something is "childish" doesn't mean everyone from all age groups can't enjoy it. I myself don't rate Rowling too high either (for example, I still believe she based a lot of her books of other fantasy novels such as Lord Of The Rings. I mean, how the hell is Kreacher not[/] Gollum?) but I still find the books run to read, and will be reading #6 after my brother finishes with it.

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Boo. Everyone knows real men sit around and discuss Finnegan's Wake.

riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend 

of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to

Howth Castle and Environs.

    Sir Tristram, violer d'amores, fr'over the short sea, had passen- 

core rearrived from North Armorica on this side the scraggy

isthmus of Europe Minor to wielderfight his penisolate war: nor

had topsawyer's rocks by the stream Oconee exaggerated themselse

to Laurens County's gorgios while they went doublin their mumper

all the time: nor avoice from afire bellowsed mishe mishe to

tauftauf thuartpeatrick: not yet, though venissoon after, had a

kidscad buttended a bland old isaac: not yet, though all's fair in

vanessy, were sosie sesthers wroth with twone nathandjoe. Rot a

peck of pa's malt had Jhem or Shen brewed by arclight and rory

end to the regginbrow was to be seen ringsome on the aquaface.

    The fall (bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonner- 


nuk!) of a once wallstrait oldparr is retaled early in bed and later

on life down through all christian minstrelsy. The great fall of the

offwall entailed at such short notice the pftjschute of Finnegan,

erse solid man, that the humptyhillhead of humself prumptly sends

an unquiring one well to the west in quest of his tumptytumtoes:

and their upturnpikepointandplace is at the knock out in the park

where oranges have been laid to rust upon the green since dev-

linsfirst loved livvy.

Edited by Gongsun Zan
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Rowling uses bad grammar and poor language. I know of two of my friends who have ordered it (one is 27 and one is 34 - full grown men reading Potter is tragic in my opinion)

She's also too spacy and weird for my liking. I don't like her, I couldn't care less about magic, and I enjoy the writing style of Murakami and Palahniuk...Therefore I won't be reading this one either.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Its weird hearing people say they read these books when they were younger, it sounds like some 80 year old man speaking about the bible or something, this is harry potter, you couldn't of been that much younger when they first came out.

Don't you think its wrong that they're releasing a childrens book at 12am? maybe they should release it at 4pm, after school has finished, rather than children waiting in the streets at midnight.

I read the first one, it was easy to read, but that didn't mean it was good, infact I thought it was pretty shit, I made it my duty not to read the rest.

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