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"...Until I split the atom. Then I bombed ever mother fucker who got in my way!"

I need this game. More than anything in the world. When does it come out?

I've been a Civ fanboy my entire life, I had Civ I and II on my old Mac, I played them since I was 4 or 5 with my dad. I bought Civ III when it came out, but my brother scratched the disk :(

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"One more turn...one more turn."

"...Until I split the atom. Then I bombed ever mother fucker who got in my way!"

I only just started playing Civ2 about a week or so ago and I just can't wait for Civ4, it looks awesome and I can't wait to buy it.

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A mate yeaaaars ago came round my house and brought Civ2, this fancy dandy, if poor graphiced strategy game and we had a lil play... then found it was 1am and my dad was telling us to go to bed. We were HOOKEEEED~!

I went on and bought "Ultimate Civilization II" which rocked, and multiplay especially was killer. <-- my language ability has completely fallen back to californian standards after watching that trailer lol.

Then my mate got me Alpha Centauri... Things are getting better and better... I should be bored by now... but nope, I finally get round when i had a bit of spare cash of buying Civlization III early last year. And it ruuules! After breaking out of my FM05 addiction ive started playing it again and now CivIII comes out on my BIRTHDAY? Hubba... Hubba.

"Damn", Ron Simmons.

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Oh good. Another Civilisation game to rule at, and to bitch-slap anyone else who trots along and thinks that they can unseat the Don.

I do like the new 'leader personalities' they've introduced, and I also hope that they've improved the English dramatically this time (last time round, the English got two of the worst traits and a bad unique unit. The only thing going for them was that, on the World map, they got an island all to themselves)

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I first played Civ when I got a demo on one of those shitty old demo CDs for my Mac 575. Then I got Civ II (Gold Edition) for Christmas one year, and went absolute nuts with it. Bought Civ III not that long ago, but haven't really gotten into it like the predecessors. No idea why.

Civ IV? Fark yeah

OT: Fable has a sequal coming out too!? SWEET!

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Some North American copies ship with French-language tech tree; 2K Games posts .pdf of English tree, will send replacements.

Sacre bleu! Due to an assembly plant error, some US copies of 2K Games' Civilization IV contained posters of the game's tech tree system in French. Players who received one of these copies are asked to not return them to the store, but instead go online and fill out a form to have an English language poster mailed to them. While waiting for that to arrive, players can download a .pdf file of the English poster to figure out how to get from agriculture to artillery and beyond.

By Brendan Sinclair -- GameSpot

Posted Oct 26, 2005 1:53 pm PT

For anyone who happens to have problems (Y)

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i started having problems with the game around 1960, untill then there barly were any loadingtimes, they went sky rocket fast, cupple of turns latter the game started crashing often, i did reboot to empty my catch and stuff but nothing changed :-(

before that it was adictiv on a scarry level, but now i am a sad little monkey :(

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