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inVasion - Redone


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March 26, 2001

This was the night that Vince McMahon announced the purchase of World Championship Wrestling.. Vince opened up Monday Night Raw, looking gleefully into the camera, and proudly announced that he had done the impossible, and purchased his competition. As Vince, for the first time ever, appeared on both Monday Night Raw, and Monday Night Nitro, the entire world of professional wrestling changed as we knew it. What soon followed was the beginning of the most heavily anticipated storyline, in recent history. The idea of World Championship Wrestling versus the World Wrestling Federation became a reality when Shane McMahon made a surprise appearance in Florida, at Monday Night Nitro. Shane soon told the world that he had in fact purchased WCW, not his father. Shane then promised his father that just like in the past WCW was going to kick WWF’s ass. However, in the weeks following things died down. The excitement of the whole situation, although still high, remained lackluster at best. Soon ECW came into the picture, and the wrestling world was buzzing at the idea of ECW versus WCW versus WWF. However, that ended while on the same show where ECW was re-birthed, The Alliance was born. This faction consisted of both ECW and WCW stars, being led by Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Paul Heyman. Soon Stone Cold was turned heel and put into the faction, Christian joined the Alliance, and The Rock was WCW champion. Things began to dwindle, and the reality of the failed storyline soon began to show. It was known that Vince McMahon had completely dropped the ball with most potentially filled storyline ever, and people weren’t about to let him forget it. However… what if things were to have happened differently? Could it have all worked out for the better in the end?


February 2001 -

-------- Rumors begin to circulate that Ted Turner is looking to sell off the assets of WCW. Fusient shows interest, but soon bails out at the last minute. This soon leads to Vince McMahon and his team to come on in and buy WCW from Ted Turner, along with all of WCW exclusive contracts.


-Apparently with the new purchasing of WCW, Vince McMahon is looking to also buy out the contracts of some of the Time-Warner exclusive talent. It's no secret who some of those talents are. It'll be interesting to see if McMahon goes through with this, to bring in some of the big names to WWF.

Extreme Warfare Battleground

HeelTurn - "So, I'm supposed to believe that Shane McMahon is about to feud with his father, thus starting WCW versus WWF? Does Vince seriously think fans are dumb enough to believe that the two companies will really be feuding?"

Vince Russo - "Don't get hyped. After weeks of seeing Sean O'Haire vesus Steve Richards, this thing will flop. Sure, it has the ability to entertaining, and quite successful, but this IS the WWF we're talking about."

Small Blue: "Woooooooo! Sting in WWF? AWESOME!~@ We finially get to see Goldberg versus Steve Austin! WOOOOOOOO!"


Smackdown Preview Posted Soon.

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As his legal representative, I must say that the inaccurate portrayal of Small Blue is an offensive outrage.

Otherwise, Here's to hoping you can turn this shitty idea (the original Invasion, that is) into something golden.

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Im looking forward to this, seeing the invasion with the big names, the possibilities for great matches and fueds is endless. good luck

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Thanks for the replies guys.

user posted image


Monday Night the wrestling world was shocked, not once, but twice.

First, Vince McMahon opened up Monday Night Raw by announcing to the world that he had purchased World Championship Wrestling, thus completely buying out his competition.

Needless to say, McMahon was in high spirits.

However, during the show, as McMahon stood, beaming over his success, the second shocking moment of the night struck. Live, from Orlando Florida, the sight of Monday Night Nitro, Shane McMahon appeared. Shane soon informed his father that he had gone behind his father’s back, and instead, purchased WCW on his own.

Shane soon promised that WCW would rage a war on the WWF, and eventually drive it out of business!

With WCW being bought right out from under him, how will Vince McMahon react? Will Shane McMahon be in attendance to shed some more light on this shocking turn of events? Tune in, to find out.

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The opening video of Smackdown plays through, and we cut to the arena floor. No pyro this week, as the theme music of one, Vince McMahon, owner of the WWF is already playing. The boss, who is already halfway down the rampway seems to be all business tonight, and who can blame him.

Michael Cole: “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re starting things off with the owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon.”

Tazz: “You know Cole, as far as Vince would have been concerned, we would have been calling him the owner of WWF and WCW! But uh, things just didn’t work out that way.”

Michael Cole: “You’re absolutely right. Monday Night, we were shocked to learn that Shane McMahon bought out WCW, right out from under his father’s nose. No doubt, that Vince has got something to say about that.”

Vince McMahon is now in the ring. He motions for a microphone, which he promptly receives.

Vince McMahon: “Cut my music, cut my music please.”

The fans are giving Vince a mixed reaction, some people are booing, some are clapping.

Vince McMahon: “You people know damn well why I’m out here. Last Monday Night, my son Shane, went behind my back. He went behind my back and he single handedly destroyed my dream! He took away my moment! You see, Monday Night was MY night! It was the night that Vince McMahon would announce to the World that he had bought out his competition, that he had buried World Championship Wrestling. I was in high spirits all day Monday. There wasn’t a thing you could do that would of made me upset. But then, the unthinkable happened. As I stood in this very ring, beaming over my success, it was my own son Shane who made an appearance. Not in a WWF ring, but a WCW ring. Live from Monday Night Nitro, Shane proceeded to kill my moment! To kill my dream!… Shane McMahon… now owns WCW? What- How-“

Vince begins to swallow repeatedly, it becomes evident that emotions are flying high.

Vince McMahon: “By 11 O’clock, Monday Night, I was on the phone with my lawyers. Demanding to know the truth. I asked every question, and I received the same answer over and over again. It is… in fact… true. My son outsmarted me! My son made one hell of a business move! But then… my son Shane, made a mistake…”

Tazz: “Oh boy.”

Michael Cole: “Here we go.”

Vince McMahon: “My son Shane, threatened me. He threatened the World Wrestling Federation. The company that helped raise him! The company that put him through college! That bought him his car! That paid for his wedding! He threatened his own blood! That is something, I’m NOT going to stand for. Now-“

“HERE COMES THE MONEY!” The theme music of Shane McMahon hits. The reaction is immediate from the fans. A mixture of cheer and jeers as Shane McMahon appears from behind the curtain, black suit, red tie, and in high spirits, much like his father at the beginning of Monday Night Raw.

Tazz: “Here he comes!”

Michael Cole: “Shane McMahon! The NEW owner of WCW!”

Tazz: “Say it Cole. Say it.”

Michael Cole: “Say what? That I’m shocked? That I’m-“

Tazz: “No, say it… “Business is about to pick up.” "

Michael Cole: “Business is about to pick up!”

Vince McMahon stands in the center of the ring, eyeing his son Shane as he enters the ring, opposite end of his father. With a smile across his face, Shane motions for a microphone which he is given. The fans are still making noise as his theme music cues off.

Shane McMahon: “What’s up pops?!”

Vince McMahon slowly lowers the microphone, staring a hole through his own flesh and blood.

Shane McMahon: “Now I’m sorry. But I was in the back, and I just couldn’t listen to you… frankly, piss and moan any longer!”

The comment receives a bit of laughter from the fans, and sparks a mild pop.

Shane McMahon: “I mean, what are you really angry about? That for once, the McMahon everyone is talking about… isn’t Vince McMahon? That for once, Shane McMahon is making headlines, while his father is stuck in his shadow?! You brought this on yourself Dad. You think I give a damn about what this company did for me in the past? Well guess what old man, I don’t.”

Jeers from the crowd.

Tazz: “Wow.”

Michael Cole: “:cough: Thing’s getting pretty emotional here.”

Vince McMahon raises his microphone.

Vince McMahon: “The years of you being a referee. The years of you being an interviewer, a commentator. All of the things you learned about this business… and your willing to throw it all away. For what? For what-“

Shane McMahon: “For what?! FOR WHAT?! I’ll tell you for what Vince! Here’s a nice reality check for you. W… C…. W… better athletes! Bigger stars!”

The WWF fans erupt in a chorus of boos, talking trash from their seats, directed at Shane McMahon.

Tazz: “Well, that’s his opinion. I’m not saying it’s right.”

Shane McMahon: “Oh, I almost forgot… better athletes, bigger stars… cleaner fans.”

The booing from the crowd continues.

Shane McMahon: “You people know it’s true!”

Shane McMahon turns out to the audience.

Shane McMahon: “Don’t’ even try and deny it! You know it’s true… and YOU know it’s true.”

Shane has turned back to his father, now only feet away from him.

Shane McMahon: “But incase you need a reminder… Vince… fan of the WWF… Allow me to introduce you, to a REAL athlete. Allow me to introduce you to, the real world champion of professional wrestling. Put your hands together, for my man, Booker T!”

"CAN YOU DIG IT?! SUCKA!" Remembering what he’s done in WCW, fans cheer, while others boo him being introduced as the real worlds champion. Booker T appears in the entrance way, blue jeans, and a black “WCW” shirt. Draped over his shoulder lays the WCW World Heavyweight Title belt.

Michael Cole: “It’s the champ, well, of WCW.”

Tazz: “Can he still call himself champion?”

Michael Cole: “You going to stop him?”

Booker T is midway down the ramp, soaking in the reaction from the fans. He son enters the ring behind Shane McMahon, and stands, gleaming at Vince, and the WWF fans.

Booker T’s theme music subsides.

Shane McMahon: “Impressive isn’t he Vince? This is what a REAL world champion looks like!”

Vince McMahon, after looking over Booker T for a few seconds raises his microphone.

Vince McMahon: “So this is what it’s going to come down to? You bringing out your WCW pals, in a game of “My guy is better than yours!”, like some elementary school BRAT?!”

The crowd responds with laughter and a pop. Shane McMahon and Booker T both look shocked, and angered by the remark.

Vince McMahon: “What’s next? Tony Schiavone going to come out here and tell Michael Cole, his dad can kick Michael’s Dad’s ass?!”

Laughter and another pop from the crowd.

Tazz: “On your behalf, I would just like to say Cole’s dad is in pretty good shape.”

Michael Cole: “Why thank you.”

Tazz: “Yea, round is a good shape.”

Vince McMahon: “Or how about-“

Suddenly Booker T explodes from behind Shane McMahon, knocking Vince McMahon over with the World Heavyweight Title belt. Vince falls hard to the wrestling mat, the sound of the microphone hitting the ring sends a loud cracking sound through the arena.

The fans are booing tremendously as Booker T continues to lay a beating to the WWF boss, as Shane McMahon parades behind the assault, drilling Booker T on, motivating him. The fans suddenly cheer, and the camera spins toward the entrance way. The Acolytes, Kane, and The Undertaker come storming down the rampway. Intelligently, Shane and Booker T let up on the assault, and high-tail it out of the ring, and through the crowd.

Michael Cole: “Booker T attacking the boss! Undertaker, Kane, and the APA coming to his rescue! WWF versus WCW has truly began!”

With those words from Michael Cole, we proceed to commercial.


We return from commercial break, as a replay of what just happened begins to show.

Michael Cole: “Before we went to break it was Booker T, WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and Shane McMahon, owner of WCW, attacking WWF Chairman Vince McMahon. The cavalry soon arrived in the form of Undertaker, and Kane, the brothers of destruction, and the A.P.A. “

With that, we cut backstage where WWF Commissioner, Mick Foley is shown in this weeks makeshift office of his. For once, Mick actually looks hard at work, going through some manila folders, and taking notes. There’s a brief knock at the door, and Mick Foley looks up. The camera bans back to reveal only the lower-back of the intruder. All we see a pair of plain black wrestling tights. Mick Foley looks pleased at the entrance of the guest.

Mick Foley: “I want you to remember one thing before you go out there. This is the WWF… Keep things clean… Keep things fair, and have a hell of a match.”

Following the words of Mick Foley, we cut back to the arena floor. The theme music of Crash Holly hits, and the WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion makes his way down the ramp to a warm response from the crowd.

Michael Cole: “Who was Mick talking to?”

Tazz: “How am I supposed to know?”

Michael Cole: “I’m assuming whoever it is, will be Crash Holly’s opponent here tonight, as there isn’t anybody listed on tonight’s card.”

Tazz: “Here’s the big question tho Cole. The person Mick was talking to was obviously a newcomer to WWF, could Mick have strayed a former WCW wrestler, away from the followings of Shane McMahon?”

Michael Cole: “Good question Tazz, looks like we’re about to find out!”

The lights in the arena change, and a generic sounding theme music hits. The titantron comes to life, simply displaying the WWF logo. A spotlight hits the stage, and WWF newcomer, Jerry Lynn appears. The fans great Lynn with applause.

Tazz: “Hey! Hey!”

Michael Cole: “It’s Jerry Lynn! Of ECW fame!”

Tazz: “What a debut match for the WWF Light-Heavyweight championship. Commissioner Foley must think pretty highly of this guy.”

Lynn is mid-rampway and begins to interact with the fans, slapping hands, before storming the ring, and sliding under the bottom rope. Lynn stands, and faces his opponent, Crash Holly.

Jerry Lynn versus Crash Holly© - WWF Light-Heavyweight Championship

Match Ending: The ending of the match saw Crash Holly beat Jerry Lynn down to the mat with a few stomps, following a tornado DDT. After Crash was pleased with the beating he laid forth, he turned to the crowd and began to talk trash, and pose, allowing his cocky-ness to get the better of him. During this time, Jerry Lynn kipped up and quickly attacked, hitting a cradle piledriver on the WWF Light-Heavyweight champion. Jerry Lynn covered the fallen champion, to score the pinfall victory.

Winner: Jerry Lynn© (NEW WWF Light-Heavyweight Champion)

Michael Cole: “He did it! In his debut match, Jerry Lynn defeats Crash Holly to capture WWF gold!”

Tazz: “Man oh man, if this is any sign of where this guy is headed in WWF, we all better look out!”

We cut backstage to find WWF Chairman Vince McMahon walking the hallways holding an icepack to his temple. Vince looks angry, which is understandable, considering the attack he suffered at the hands of his own son Shane, and the WCW Champion, Booker T.

Vince stops suddenly, and barges into a nearby door, the camera gets a shot of the nameplate which reads “Stone Cold”. At the sight of the nameplate, the WWF fans respond with mixed reactions. The cameraman quickly follows Vince into Austin’s locker room.

As we enter the room, we find Stone Cold sitting on a couch, his wife Debra at his side. Vince is pacing frantically in front of the couple, and Austin looks shocked about something.

Vince McMahon: “I can’t believe… I simply can not believe… How…”

Stone Cold suddenly coughs real loud, interrupting Vince from his little tirade. Vince stops in front of Austin, and gazes at him.

Stone Cold: “I’ll tell you what I can’t believe. I can’t believe, Vince McMahon just barged on into my locker room, without having the common courtesy to knock first!”

Vince looks angered, and shocks. He takes two steps back, and looks down at the WWF Champion.

Vince McMahon: “Knock? You want me to knock?! Where have you been?! Did you see what that son of a bitch Booker T, and Shane did to me?! Speaking of which, where were you?! How could you just let Booker T and Shane do that to me?! If it weren’t for the APA, Kane, and The Undertaker, who knows what would of happened!”

Stone Cold stands up straight, throwing the WWF Championship across the lap of his wife Debra, who remains on the couch, quiet.

Stone Cold: “I saw what they did to you, and I want you to know that I was on my way out, but Undertaker, Kane, and the APA had already come out, and chased those two son bitches away.”

Vince McMahon: “But Steve-“

Stone Cold: “:cough’s real loud: Nah, nah, nah. Hold on just a second. You don’t sound to pleased with me Vince. You have the tone of a man who has a problem. You have something you want to say to me Vince?”

Vince McMahon: “Tonight… I’m making it Booker T… versus Stone Cold Steve Austin. Champion versus Champion. I want you to end this war, before it even begins!”

The fans erupt in cheers. Some breaking out in an “Austin! Austin! Etc” chant.

Stone Cold: “You want me to fight Booker T tonight? You want to see WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the greatest World champion this business has ever seen, to go up against a world champion poser, WCW “Champ” Booker T, tonight? Well that sounds fine and dandy Vince, but you’re forgetting one thing…”

Vince McMahon: “And what’s that?”

Stone Cold: “I’m still suffering from injuries I received during the cage match with Rock two weeks ago…”

The fans in the arena, upon hearing this, boo loudly.

Stone Cold: “Fact of the matter is, I haven’t been cleared to wrestle by my doctor.”

The fans continue to boo as Vince McMahon looks stunned. Suddenly, Vince’s face becomes contorted with anger, and rage.

Vince McMahon: “You listen to me you son of a bitch! You’re going to go out there tonight, and you’re going to beat the living hell out of Booker T! Why?! Because I’m your damn boss, I’m not your buddy! I’m not your pal! I don’t give a damn about some little pain you may be feeling in your ankle, or knee, or arm. This is serious! This is the biggest threat that has ever faced the World Wrestling Federation, and you, as World Champion, are going to lead the fight! Do I make myself clear!”

Stone Cold looks stunned, staring at Vince. McMahon breaks the awkward silence.

Vince McMahon: “I’m taking that… as a yes… Now, start getting ready for your match…”

Vince McMahon walks off screen and out of the room. The scene fades with the continuous shot of Stone Cold looking stunned beyond belief.


We come back from commercial, with The Dudley Boys theme music playing throughout the arena. Bubba Ray and D’Von are already in the ring, and the crowd is solidly behind them.

Michael Cole: “The Dudley Boys in the ring, awaiting the arrival of Edge and Christian. We’re about to show you, how this match came about.”

With those words from Michael Cole, we cut to a paused image of the Dudley Boys backstage. In the bottom left hand corner is the words “Earlier Tonight.” . The video begins to play.

Bubba Ray Dudley: “No, I couldn’t believe it either, five-seven in the ninth inning-“

D’Von Dudley: “I told you man, always bet on the underdog.”

With that, the sound of the locker room door opening is heard. Both Dudley Boys look up, and smile. Mick Foley walks into the frame, and shakes hands with both Dudley’s, greeting them.

Mick Foley: “Bubba… D’Von… As you two know, right now the WWF is going through a bit of a struggle. With this whole WCW, Shane McMahon situation, I’m, frankly, worried.”

Bubba Ray: “What are you worried about Mick? I mean, you know me and D’Von are WWF all the way-“

Mick Foley: “No. Of course, I’m not doubting that if it ever comes down to it, that you two wouldn’t be there to fight for the WWF. But, what I don’t want to happen, and what I’m worried will happen, is suddenly, this WCW thing is all anybodies going to care about. Sure, it’s big news, but this is the WWF, and as Commissioner, this is MY WWF. So tonight, I want to make sure we entertain those fans, like only the WWF can, like only I know you two can. So tonight, I’m booking Bubba Ray Dudley, and D’Von Dudley, to go up against the reigning WWF World Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian!”

Bubba Ray: “For the belts?!”

Mick Foley: “For the championships!”

D’Von Dudley: “Nice!”

Bubba Ray: “Mick, you won’t regret this. We’re going to do exactly what-“

Suddenly Edge and Christian burst onto the screen, attacking Bubba Ray and D’Von from behind. The WWF Tag Team champions lay on the beating, before retreating as Mick Foley begins to get involved.

We cut back to the ring, where The Dudley Boys are still playing up to the crowd. Edge and Christian’s theme music hits, and the egotistical duo emerge from the curtain. The fans greet the pair with booing.

Michael Cole: “The Dudley Boys versus Edge and Christian, WWF Tag Team championship on the line!”

Tazz: “No doubt Cole, this is going to be a rocketbusta.”

The Dudley Boys vs. Edge and Christian© – WWF Tag Team Championship

Match Ending: The ending of the match came about when Bubba Ray and Edge were battling it out in the center of the ring. Christian/D’Von had both gone to the outside of the ring, and were fighting by the entrance way, when Edge went flying into the referee, knocking him to the canvas. Edge capitalized by rolling to the outside and retrieving a steel chair. As he did Christian, after leaving D’Von outside of the ring, rolled into the ring, and hit Bubba Ray with the Unprettier following a low blow. Edge came back into the ring, and nailed D’Von over the head with the chair, as he came to Bubba Ray’s defense. Christian quickly rolled D’Von out of the ring, and brought the steel chair with him. Edge covered Bubba Ray, after Christian shook the referee to consciousness, scoring the pinfall victory.

Winners of The Match: Edge and Christian ©

Michael Cole: “Edge and Christian retaining their tag team gold, following a stolen victory!”

Tazz: “Well, I don’t agree with the tactics used Cole, but if they work, they work.”

Michael Cole: “Edge and Christian steeling a- Wait a minute. Folks, I’m getting word that there is some sort of altercation happening backstage!”

We cut to a motion filled shot of running down a hallway backstage. The camera comes upon a dressing room. The nameplate outside the door reads “Chris Jericho”, and there is a lot of commotion from within the room. It becomes evident that there’s a fight taking place.

Suddenly, the door swings open, and a loud crash is heard. Chris Jericho falls from the doorway, into the hallway, right in front of the camera. Around Chris Jericho’s head sits the remains of a guitar. The camera quickly pans to the right to reveal none other then Jeff Jarrett standing in the doorway, looking down at the fallen WWF Superstar. Decked out in a black WCW T-Shirt, blue jeans, and black sunglasses, Jarrett steps over the fallen WWF Superstar and out into the hallway. He turns towards the camera and begins walking, the camera following behind him. Jarrett walks through a door, and almost runs directly into Kevin Kelly who is holding a microphone. Kelly, apparently was running to greet Jeff Jarrett.

Kevin Kelly: “Jeff! Jeff! Some words? Please!?”

Jeff Jarrett stops walking, and grabs the microphone out of Kevin Kelly’s hands. He then looks into the camera.

Jeff Jarrett: “Listen up slapnuts! This is the only the beginning! Tonight, Booker T will destroy WWF’s precious Heavyweight champion, and WCW will prove just how superior we are!”

The crowd is booing tremendously as the WCW superstar throws the microphone down, and walks away, Kevin Kelly bends down and picks up the microphone slowly, watching Jeff Jarrett walk away.

Michael Cole: “Jeff Jarrett! I don’t believe it!”

We fade to a commercial.


As we come back from commercial, we find a paused image of the scene we witnessed before going to a commercial.

Michael Cole: “Ladies and gentlemen, before we went to commercial it was Chris Jericho who fell victim to a devastating attack, from the hands of WCW Superstar, Jeff Jarrett.”

With that, the video begins to play, and shows Chris Jericho falling into the hallway, with the remains of the guitar scattered around him. It then cuts to Jeff Jarrett talking to Kevin Kelly, giving everyone his warning about tonight. We cut back to the arena floor.

Michael Cole: “Already tonight, we’ve seen Vince McMahon, WWF Chairman attacked by WCW’s Booker T, and now Chris Jericho taken out by WCW’s Jeff Jarrett. What’s scary is, we’re not through.”

Tazz: “Cole, I must admit. When Shane first announced on Monday that he’d be waging war against the WWF, I, as well as I think everybody else, didn’t really take him seriously. But now… now, I’m not so sure. Things are getting a bit intense.”

Michael Cole: “Well Tazz I- Wait a minute… Now what?!”

The theme music of Raven begins to play throughout the arena. The fans boo as Raven appears in the entrance way, arms spread wide, posing for a bit. Raven walks down the ramp, and enters the ring. Raven signals for a microphone which he is soon given.

Michael Cole: “Well folks I don’t know what this is about… Raven is not scheduled to be out here right now.”

Raven: “In a time when two promotions are at war with one another, with the battle lines being drawn. It is the foolish man who picks a side, trying to figure out for himself which has the odds in victory. It is the intelligent man who takes the opportunity to look out for himself! What about me?! What about Raven?! Tonight, destiny has reared it’s ugly head, and called to me. Kane! Tonight, destiny pairs you and I up!”

Michael Cole: “Is Raven challenging Kane to a match tonight?!”

Tazz: “No one ever said he was smart.”

Fire suddenly explodes from the stage, as Kane’s entrance music hits. The fans erupt in cheers as The Big Red Machine emerges from behind the curtain, the Hardcore Championship draped over his shoulder. A quick camera shot to the ring shows Raven looking unprovoked, and ready for a fight.

Suddenly, from behind Kane, a steel chair comes crashing against his back. Kane falls to his knees, as his theme music promptly cuts off.

Michael Cole: “Hey! What the-“

The lights in the arena return to normal, and Dean Malenko is seen standing behind Kane, chair in hand.

Michael Cole: “What the hell is Dean Malenko doing out here?!”

Tazz: “I don’t know Cole, but Raven doesn’t seem that upset.”

With that, we cut to the ring where Raven is shown, actually smiling. We cut back to the rampway, where Dean Malenko continues to drill into Kane with the steel chair. However, Kane suddenly punches the chair out of Malenko’s hands, sending it sliding up the ramp. Dean looks shocked, and begins backing up as the Monster known as Kane raises to his feet. Kane slowly stalks Dean.

Michael Cole: “Look’s like Dean’s luck has finally run out!”

Raven explodes into the screen, jumping on Kane’s back, and sending him down to the floor with vicious punches to the back of the head. Raven promptly hollers at Dean to get the fallen weapon.

Michael Cole: “What a minute! Dean Malenko and Raven are working on the same page?! What the hell is going on here?!”

Raven let’s up on the assault just long enough to allow Dean to hit Kane three times across the back with the steel chair. Referee’s now standing at the top of the stage, trying to calm the situation down.

Tazz: “C’mon guys! You’re not going to stop them by just staring at them!”

Michael Cole: “Dean Malenko and Raven assaulting Kane!”

Dean Malenko suddenly grabs a referee by the collar, and throws him down towards Raven/Kane. Malenko turns, and begins shouting at the rest of the group of officials. Down by the arena floor, Raven covers Kane, the referee realizes and quickly drops to make the count. One, two- Dean Malenko suddenly lands on the back of Raven, disrupting the count.

Michael Cole: “Raven with the cover, trying to take advantage of the 24/7 rule of the Hardcore title. But it seems that the mutual agreement between Raven/Dean Malenko may be coming to an end!”

Malenko begins arguing with Raven, about him attempting to pin Kane. Raven suddenly shoves Dean, Malenko returns with a fist to the head. Raven, and Dean Malenko begin slugging it out at the bottom of the ramp.

Michael Cole: “Here we go! That relationship didn’t last long!”

The referee tries to break the two men up, only to get punched out by Dean Malenko. Another referee tries to succeed where the other failed, only to get punched out himself. Raven/Dean Malenko continue to brawl.

Michael Cole: “Dean Malenko and Raven, taking out WWF officials- Hey! Where are you going?!”

The sound of a headset being dropped is heard, and the camera quickly picks up Tazz standing from his commentating position. The fans cheer loudly as Tazz removes his suit jacket, throws it on the ground, and walks over to where the brawl is taking place.

Michael Cole: “My colleague Tazz has abandoned his post. It seems he’s taking matters in to his own hands!”

Raven and Dean continue to brawl. Suddenly Tazz lashes out, locking on the Tazzmission on Raven. Raven squeals briefly, flailing his arms about, but suddenly becomes noticeably weaker. Raven drops to the ground, and Tazz removes his hold, but as soon as he stands straight, Dean Malenko greets Tazz with a chair shot across the back. Tazz falls to the ground, and the crowd boos.

Michael Cole: “NO! Tazz taken out by a chair shot from Dean Malenko! Wait! Kane is back up!”

Kane is suddenly back up, grabbing for Dean Malenko, but Malenko ducks away, and stammers up the entrance way. Kane isn’t letting him get away tho, promptly walking after his attacker.

Michael Cole: “Look’s like Dean Malenko has had enough! But Kane apparently hasn’t! Can someone check on Tazz?!”

Now on the stage, Dean Malenko begins walking backwards towards the edge of the stage, asking for forgiveness from Kane. Kane continues to stalk Malenko. Suddenly Malenko throws the chair into the Kane’s face, Kane quickly swipes the chair away, but is greeted by a spinning heel kick from Malenko. Kane is down on the stage. Malenko lifts Kane to a knee, and set’s him up, walking dangerously close to the edge of the stage.

Michael Cole: “He’s not even thinking about doing what I think he is, is he?!”

Malenko, amazingly lifts Kane up, and sends him crashing off the stage, through two tables and to the arena floor with a beautiful Tigerbomb. The fans are in awe for a brief moment, and promptly begin chanting “Holy shit! Holy shit!”

Michael Cole: “My God! My God! My God! Kane off the stage! Kane off the stage! We need help! We need help out here!”

Malenko drops to his butt, and hops down from the stage next to the motionless Kane. Referee’s begin to gather, but Dean Malenko holds all but one back. Malenko drops, and covers Kane. The referee shocked that after all of this Malenko simply wants to make the cover, drops, and makes the count. One, two, three!


Michael Cole: “Malenko scoring the pinfall victory over Kane, winning the WWF Hardcore Championship! I can’t believe it!”

Dean Malenko’s theme music hits, and Dean quickly climbs back onto the stage, and retrieves the belt where Kane had dropped it. Malenko raises the championship high, celebrating his win, as the fans give the competitor a mixed reaction. The camera cuts to the fallen Kane who suddenly, amazingly, sits up!

Michael Cole: “I don’t believe it! Kane has sat up!”

Upon seeing this, Dean Malenko promptly ends his celebration and runs backstage. Raven/Tazz are both shown at the end of the rampway, tending to their own wounds, and slowly getting to their feet.

Michael Cole: “Dean Malenko! NEW WWF Hardcore Champion!”

We fade to a commercial.


We return from commercial to find Shane McMahon, Booker T, and Jeff Jarrett standing together, somewhere backstage. The fans instantly begin to boo the three, as Shane McMahon stands in the center of the screen, his allies on each side.

Shane McMahon: "Alright Booker T, tonight, we were given the biggest oppurtonity we could ask for. Without realizing Vince handed us victory on a silver platter... It's going to be you, WCW Champion, Booker T, the greatest WCW Champion in history! Versus... WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin... Booker, if you beat Austin tonight, you prove flat out, WCW is superior to the WWF in every way shape and form. Your victory tonight can be the first rock, in the paved road of success! I just need to know... are you ready?!"

Booker T who was pumping himself up while Shane McMahon was speaking nods.

Booker T: "YES!"

Shane McMahon: "Are you going to get that victory, for yourself! for me! and most importantly for WCW?!"

Booker T: "YES!"

Shane McMahon: "Let's go."

With that the group walks off screen. We cut to the arena floor.

Michael Cole: "Shane McMahon, pumping up WCW Champion, Booker T, who in just a few moments will meet WWF Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring. I'm Michael Cole, and I'm being joined by WWF's senior commentator, Good O'le JR, Jim Ross!"

Jim Ross: "It's good to be here Michael. I was backstage visiting with Vince, trying to get this whole WCW situation sorted out, when I saw your partner Tazz take a hit. I was backstage, and although Tazz is doing fine, we thought it best if he went to the hospital to get looked at. So, I hope you don't mind me filling in."

Michael Cole: "Not at all JR. What a match you get to call tho, WCW Champion Booker T, versus WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin!"

Jim Ross: "It's going to be a milestone in this industry Michael Cole. Never has the WWF Champion faced the World champion of another promotion, and tonight, it being WCW, with the long and heated past the two companies have had, it's going to be one, for the ages."

"CAN YOU DIG IT? SUCKA!!!" The theme music of WCW Champion, Booker T hits. The fans erupt in a chorus of boos as Booker T emerges from behind the curtain, WCW Championship around his waist. Shane McMahon soon joins Booker T on the stage, and the duo make their way down the ramp.

Jim Ross: "WCW Champion Booker T, being lead to the ring by the NEW owner of WCW, Shane McMahon."

Michael Cole: "In this type of situation JR, you really have to think about what kind of advantage Booker T could have, with a man like Shane McMahon being in his corner."

Jim Ross: "No doubt. I don't think, nor do I expect Shane McMahon to not atleast try to get involved in this epic battle."

Booker T stands in the ring, as Shane McMahon calls out bits of motivation from ringside. The theme music of Vince McMahon hits, and the crowd cheers the WWF Chairman.

Michael Cole: "Vince McMahon?!"

Vince McMahon appears on stage, a microphone in hand. His music fades off, and he awaits the fans to quiet down.

Vince McMahon: "Tonight... You, the fans, are about to be treated to one of the most defining moments, this business has ever witnessed! The magnitude of this event is simply... simply unmeasurable. For the first time in history, the WWF Champion will go one on one, with the WCW Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the-"

The titan tron comes to life, showing the parking garage. On the bottom left of the screen reads "Moments Ago". Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra are seen walking through the garage, Debra seemingly yelling at Steve Austin. Austin turns to her.

Stone Cold: "That man ordered me to do something! I'm not going to take that from him!"

With that Stone Cold continues walking through the garage, the pair comes upon Austin's pickup truck in the garage, and Austin throws his bags in the back.

Stone Cold: "Get in the car Debra!"

Debra reluctently gets in the car, as does Stone Cold. The duo back out, and drive out of the arena, the rear headlights the last we see of them. The scene cuts back to Vince McMahon who looks terrified, and shocked.

Jim Ross: "I don't.... I don't believe it."

The fans erupt in a chorus of boos.

Michael Cole: "Stone Cold... Stone Cold has abandoned the WWF..."

Vince blinks repeatedly trying to get himself back into reality. In the ring, Booker T erupts with laughter, and Shane McMahon yells calls of victory at the WCW Champion.

Vince McMahon: "I... I don't... I'm afraid... The champion... versus champion match... has been can-"

"IF YA SMELL!!!!!!!!!" The Rock's theme suddenly erupts throughout the arena, and the fans erupt! Vince McMahon's look of remorse, suddenly lights up, as The Rock comes storming out from behind the curtain, and stands next to Vince on the rampway. Booker T and Shane both look shocked.

Jim Ross: "The champion versus champion match isn't canceled! It's going to be WCW Champion, versus THE PEOPLES CHAMPION! THE ROCK!"

Michael Cole: "Business is about to pick up!"

The Rock storms down the rampway, and slides into the ring.

The Rock versus Booker T

Match Ending: This match had the fans on their feet every moment. The Rock proved why he is a locker room leader, selling for the WCW newcomer Booker T, and putting the superstar over. For each moment the Rock had in the sunshine, Booker T was given his. Failed Rock Bottom attempts, topped off with failed Book End attempts, left the fans on the edge of their seats. The ending of the match saw Rock score with a Spinebuster, signaling the Peoples Elbow! The fans erupted at this sight. The Rock finished the taunt and ran the ropes, but suddenly, Shane McMahon was in the ring, attacking The Rock. The fans erupted, booing the loudest they had all night long, some throwing trash. Shane McMahon and Booker T began pummeling the Rock. Vince McMahon suddenly slid into the ring, and began brawling with his son Shane to the fans delight. A McMahon slugfest thrilled the fans, as Booker T and Rock continued to fight. Jeff Jarrett came through the crowd, and into the ring, nailing Vince McMahon from behind, before turning his sights on The Rock. Jeff Jarrett promptly nailed The Stroke on The Rock, to the fans dismay. Chris Jericho, came running down the rampway out of no where, steel chair in hand. Jericho slid in the ring, and began nailing everything that moved. A chair shot to the head for Booker T, followed by Jeff Jarrett had the fans erupting with cheers. Shane McMahon ducked out of the ring, bringing his two WCW allies with him.


Jim Ross: "Jeff Jarrett attacking The Rock! The Rock battling Booker T! Shane McMahon fighting his father Vince McMahon! Chris Jericho with a chair shot to Booker T and Jeff Jarrett! Good God! Good God! The war between WCW and WWF is just beginning! Good god almighty!"

The show comes to a close.

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Nice. Now THAT was a good way to get an invasion started. Only thing I'm not sure of is the Stone Cold thing, as I'm hoping it leads to something down the line, and NOT the same thing that happened "in real life".

I also didn't care much for the Hardcore Title thing, but then I thought that in GENERAL the Hardcore Title 24/7 rule was only funny or useful in small doses. And Jerry Lynn coming in the way he did was exactly how he DID come into the WWF, was it not?

Otherwise, a solid show, with enough big stuff to get the "war" off on the right foot, and a good dose of unpredictability , makes me happy. :)

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Nice. Now THAT was a good way to get an invasion started. Only thing I'm not sure of is the Stone Cold thing, as I'm hoping it leads to something down the line, and NOT the same thing that happened "in real life".

I also didn't care much for the Hardcore Title thing, but then I thought that in GENERAL the Hardcore Title 24/7 rule was only funny or useful in small doses.  And Jerry Lynn coming in the way he did was exactly how he DID come into the WWF, was it not?

Otherwise, a solid show, with enough big stuff to get the "war" off on the right foot, and a good dose of unpredictability , makes me happy. :)

There were some things that happened during the actual Invasion that I felt had the potential to be great, but ended up being lackluster, and bombed. So, think of the Stone Cold thing as a "correcting process" of what the WWF actually did.

The Hardcore title thing will lead to something :)

I brought Jerry Lynn in the same way he was brought in, in real life, because I also thought his debut could lead to a very interesting storyline, which I hope to produce.

Thanks for the comment!

To everyone else, I'm sorry it took so long to get the first event up. I was in the process of moving, thing's should run more smoothly now.

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-- WWF is keeping very tight lipped when it comes to which AOL Time Warner contracts they either plan, or already have bought out.

-- The current Stone Cold storyline which seems to be panning out is said to be the brainchild of none other than Stone Cold himself. It'll be interesting to see where that leads.

-- Jeff Jarrett arrived to the arena last night with Shane McMahon, and went directly into a meeting with Jim Ross and Vince McMahon. It's no secret about the hatred expressed by both sides, when Jarrett jumped ship to WCW in late 1999. Apparently, Vince himself has taken it upon himself to leave the past in past.

-- Triple H was very expressive last night backstage about not being booked on Smackdown. Apparently The Game felt he is a big name for the WWF and should of been used. On the flip side, Kurt Angle apparently met with Booker T before the event, and helped get him settled in to the backstage enviroment.

-- Dean Malenko was said to be shocked  before Raw went on the air, when he was told that he would be winning the Hardcore Championship from Kane. Hopefully the win leads to many more, and results in a decent push for Malenko.

-- From what I've heard, The Right To Censor has apparently been scrapped. Bull Buchanan has been sent down to OVW, to improve himself, while Val Venis/The Goodfather have been sent down to help train younger superstars.

-- Horace Hogan was given a tryout match earlier in the week at the TRAXX training center, and was said to be "less then impressive". Horace was given his release from his contract.

-- Big Show is apparently working with a sore knee. I for one am interested to see how the big man is used during this Invasion, given his history with WCW.

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Vince McMahon: “What’s next? Tony Schiavone going to come out here and tell Michael Cole, his dad can kick Michael’s Dad’s ass?!”

Laughter and another pop from the crowd.

Tazz: “On your behalf, I would just like to say Cole’s dad is in pretty good shape.”

Michael Cole: “Why thank you.”

That bit made me laugh out loud.

A great first show, I like that Jeff Jarrett was involved from the start and a match between him and Jericho would be great, I like the whole Austin turning his back on Vince that was good and it will be intresting to see where it leads.

Hopefully it wont be long before Sting makes an apperance :D

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Guest y2gudge

The first show was strong with some good promo writing from yourself, some may criticise on the lack of match write-ups but I feel some padding out should be enough. No clear winners in the war yet which keeps the reader into the storyline and the upcoming Raw.


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Really good first show. I'll be following this from now on.

I liked the Hardcore title thing, but how in the hell did Malenko pick Kane up? Small thing...

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Really good first show. I'll be following this from now on.

I liked the Hardcore title thing, but how in the hell did Malenko pick Kane up? Small thing...

Malenko is actually quite strong, and in WCW picked up a few Heavyweights time to time.

Thanks for the comments guys.

I'm working on Heat now.

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I'm loving this one so far, SmackDown was an excellent first show for sure. Alternate reality/"what might have been" diaries are amongst my favourite, and this whole angle was one that reeked of utterly amazing potential that the WWF failed to pull the trigger on. Hopefully you have half a brain, and can get it done right. I'll definitely be reading, good luck.


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