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Gaming Snacks


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So, unlike Pac-Man and his missus, we cannot survive on a diet of dots, fruit and the occasional ghost, so what snacks do you eat when gaming?

Myself, I'll much on whatever crisps we have and intersperse it with fruit, and if playing at Benji's/with Benji :pervert: we'll have Chinese/Pizza as a gaming dinner foodstuffs, whereas if I'm playing on my own, I'll grab a plate of crackers and cheese before a boss fight/hard part of a game.

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I don't eat when I play. Because video games usually require two hands, so unless I am eating through a straw it is impossible for me.

Actually, I just don't snack when I play. I find it really annoying when my brother does, though.

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I'll sometim eseat some chips, but usually I don't play in a long enough span where snaking is required...

Although I usually have something to drink like coke/water/juice... /beer :shifty:

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I drink a lot if i'm playing games. I don't eat though. I absolutely hate my brother and his friend who eat junk while they're playing on the ps2 and the pads end up greasy and disgusting.

I know the feeling. It sucks to sit down and start gaming only to find that the controller is greasy as hell, it's nasty shit. I always have to wipe it down with something, but I'm spazzy about my hands, so whatever.

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