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NCAA Football 2005

Guest StreetzHopin

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Guest StreetzHopin

I just pre-ordered my copy of the game today, and i cant wait for it to come out. Its about 11 days away, and im anxiously anticipating this....

For the first time in videogame football history, the game day atmosphere directly affects players’ on-field performances. With NCAA® Football 2005, you can track the crowd’s impact on players and see if they have enough composure to withstand the pressure.

Take advantage of key personnel mismatches with the new Match-Up Stick. Add in fan celebrations, like the Gator Chomp or Texas Hook ‘Em Horns, and you’ll see that NCAA Football 2005 delivers the real emotion, collegiate atmosphere, and traditional gameplay of college football.

New Xbox Live™ support: Join the world’s greatest online gaming community and play as your favorite school—complete with team-specific ranking lists.

New Stadium Pulse: Pump up the crowd and keep your composure as the stadium rocks with energy via shaking cameras and controller vibrations.

New Match-up Stick: Ratings change based on the player's ability to handle the pressure. Track the crowd’s impact on each player and exploit mismatches.

Top 25 toughest places to play: Build your team’s stadium atmosphere to compete with the most elite stadiums in the country.

Deeper Dynasty Mode™: Monitor discipline levels to ensure your program’s integrity. Keep players happy with their playing times, or you'll risk them transferring to a rival.

Texas vs. OU


Notre Dame vs. USC

College Students Are Typical

OU vs. LSU

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I can't wait for this game. I'm psyched. I got one question for you guys though that get Madden too. What exactly is it you need to export the draft classes onto in NCAA and import them from on Madden? Cause when me and my buddy use the hard drive on the XBox it never works. And how much does this thing cost to do it?

I'll have to get it for PS2 real soon.  GO MARYLAND!!!

Also, my friend just got a scholarship offer for football from the Terps. You can cheer him on in a couple of years. :D

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heres the top 10 QB's from NCAA Football 2005, wheres Vince Young? :(

#11, USC, 95 OVR - Matt Leinart

#18, Oklahoma, 95 OVR - Jason White

#16, Mizzou, 95 OVR, 85 SPD - Brad Smith

#7, UConn, 93 OVR - Dan Orvolsky

#14, Georgia, 93 OVR - David Greene

#8, Cal, 93 OVR - Aaron Rodgers

#16, ASU, 93 OVR - Andrew Walter

#7, Toledo, 92 OVR - Bruce Gradkowski

#6, Clemson, 92 OVR - Charlie Whitehurst

#18, Purdue, 91 OVR - Kyle Orton

the homefield advantage feature looks great with the top 25 places to play.

1. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Forida

2. Neyland Stadium, Tennessee

3. Ohio Stadium, Ohio State

4. Tiger Stadium, Louisiana State

5. Autzen Stadium, Oregon

6. Husky Stadium, Washington

7. Kyle Field, Texas A&M

8. Camp Randall Stadium, Wisconsin

9. Memorial Stadium, Nebraska

10. Sanford Stadium, Georgia

11. Kinnick Stadium, Iowa

12. Michigan Stadium, Michigan

13.Lane Stadium, Virginia Tech

14. Doak Campbell Stadium, Florida State

15. Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame

16. Clemson Memorial Stadium, Clemson

17. Beaver Stadium, Penn State

18. Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, Oklahoma

19. Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn

20. Carrier Dome, Syracuse

21. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama

22. KSU Stadium, Kansas State

23. Mountaineer Field, West Virginia

24. Martin Stadium, Washington State

25. Miami Stadium, Miami

also, i hope on NCAA online, they give you more rank points for beating someone on the road as opposed to winning at home.

i cant wait!

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looks awesome, but i dont got x box live, so i dunno if i really wanna get it still. Maybe i will, but the x box live would make it SOOO much better

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Mike Williams is also going to be in the game, according to the Top Rec. List.

Top 10 RBs

#43 K-state 97 (96 speed)

#24 Auburn 97 (90 speed)

#39 Syracuse, 95 (90 spd)

#32 Texas, 94, (90 spd)

#21 Minnesota 93 (90 spd)

#28 Wisconsin 92 (97 spd)

#33 Virginia 92 (87 spd)

#22 New Mexico 92 (90 spd)

#44 NC State (92 (88 spd)

#23 Auburn 92 (94 spd)

Top 10 WRs

#1 USC, 99 (90 spd)

#9 Oklahoma (94 spd)

#1 Michigan 95, (91 spd)

#82 Georgia 94 (93 spd)

#6 Cal 93 (92 spd)

#1 FSU 92 (96 spd)

#87 UCLA 91 (95 spd)

#15 Western Michigan 91 (93 spd)

#5 West Virginia 91 (94 spd)

#1 Toledo 91 (92 spd)

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